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methoxy and t2 stack question

Hey guys i was wondering if while stacking the methoxy and t2 i only use the methoxy on days i lift, or use it everyday? Also, if i were to only use it on days i lift, should i double the dosage?

Consistency is the key to any supplement regimen. Only taking something on days you lift won’t allow your body to keep it’s levels of the substance elevated for long enough for it to make a difference.

As it stands, go here, click on “Stack and Cycles” and read the part about fat loss. It has the optimal dosing recomendations for this cycle.

I agree with Rob, you need to be as consistent with your supplementation as you are with you’re training and excercise. Otherwise you will just be pissing money down the drain. Methoxy works great taken in a double dosage, although it is a little pricey. Try to take it at the same times everyday. This will help you get into a routine, so you will not forget it.

T2 and Methoxy should be a good fat burning stack, is that your goal?