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methoxy and fat loss

i am trying to lose some body fat and go on a cutting cycle so to speak…what would be the best supplements to help me in this…i have heard many good things on methoxy and upping the dosage, what else would you all recommend, and would diet be the most important thing? any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated…im 20 yr old, 6’1, 215 15 % bf, max bench 330

Diet is always the most important thing when you want to lose fat.

i’ve used methoxy, with just the recommended dosage, while loosing weight and i thought it worked great during the weeks i took it. (worked, as in, not loosing muscle) DIET is absolutely the most important thing !!.. i did basically the T-dawg diet with a cheat day about once a week. also, if you can, get your hands on some MD6 !!