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Methoxy and Diet

I am looking to lose a few pounds over the next 8 weeks. I was thinking of doing something like this.
Weeks 1-3: cardio 5 days a week, Boxing 3 days a week, 2500 calorie diet.
Weeks 4-5: No Cardio. 3000 calorie diet. Boxing 3 days a week.
Weeks 6-8: Same as 1-3.
I was also looking to supplement with methoxy-7 at about 1200mg/day at least for the heavy dieting weeks (1-3, 6-8). I’m a 16 year old powerlifter, and am hoping methoxy will help keep my strength high (without dropping) and possibly gain during weeks 4-5. Will methoxy help shed some bodyfat and keep my strength high while dieting?
Also, I follow a Westside training method.

Methoxy-7 will help you hang on to muscle during a diet and many people notice a “hardening” effect. But honestly, you’re not following Westside very closely if you’re doing all that cardio.