methoxy after mag-10

Did folks find methoxy-7 useful during their off weeks in retaining lean mass? I’ll be using tribex and solaray vitex at one cap a day for the two weeks off, and wanted to know if the methoxy really made a difference for people. Also will be training with 5x5 during the two weeks rather than the 3x10 growth surge III recommends. How’s this sound? Please let me know - it around the corner;)…

Yes, Methoxy-7 works very well between heavier cycles like MAG-10. I’ve even used it after roid cycles with impressive results.

I love Methoxy 7…I’m surprised people haven’t talked about it more…I used it for the first time at the beginning of this year after a cycle and was completely blown away by the results…never have I been leaner or harder…I definitely would keep this supp in my arsenal especially during periods of restricted dieting or after any type of cycle(mag10 or roids) in order to maintain and most likely increase lean mass

Late last year I used the old Methoxy in between two Androsol cycles and retained everything I gained, even gained 2lbs. As far as the 5x5 aproach, Im trying that now and I like the strenght gains.

I came off Mag-10 3 weeks ago (gained 17 lbs but didn’t eat right so some was fat). I’ve been doing a fat fast for the last 6 weeks and have used Methoxy the last three and I love this stuff. I’ve lost 25 lbs and 4 to 5 inches from the waist line and kept most of my arm size. It has really leaned me out. I was a real porkchop six weeks ago and now am down to 170 lbs at 11%.

I am coming off a cycle in 2 wks. and i am planning on using methoxy-7 at TWICE the recommended dosage. anybody tried this and noticed a significant difference?? The article that describes the product on the biotest-online store says that twice the dosage (1500mg/day) seems to be where it really kicks in. This would get pretty expensive, but if the results are that noticable, then i will do it. Anybody have experience w/regards to this?

No. That section of the article is referring to the older formulation before the improvement to the ethylcarbonate ester version. That product, you did need double
the label dose for best results. The current product, you need only the label dose to be equivalent to that dosing.