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Methoxy 7

Since my first visit to the T-magf forum, I’ve heard about the great products from Biotest. Well, today I’ve taken the plunge and ordered my first batch of MD6 and Tribex. I’m going to get some Nandrosol too and do the stack recommended by the great folks here at T-mag. Question though, how important is the Methoxy 7 in this stack. It’s quite expensive for how long a bottle lasts (6 days?). Using this for four weeks would be a pretty good hit to the 'ol wallet. Thanks for the help. Feeling like a kid in a candy store waiting for my shipment!!!

6 Days?? Why only six days. What dosage are you using to come to the 6 day conclusion. I would think the bottle should last at least 15 to 20 days at 3tbs per day.

There are no studies proving that mexthoxy works, wait… i think there might be one on a lab rat… I have tried it and i felt natta.

he is using 4 teaspoons, twice a day protocol. that is twice the norm of 2 tsps 2x a day. It works very well but can empty your wallet easily.

I had no effects from methoxy-7. Save yourself the cash and get something else.