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Methoxy 7

Hey Chris-

Where is the re formulated Methoxy 7?

Would love to cash in on the buy 2 get 2 deal at the Superstore.

I don’t know if it’ll be ready yet. I was just looking at new labels the other day for it, so I’m guessing it won’t be.

Can’t wait though. This is going to be some potent stuff. Remember how you had to take five or six serving of other methoxy products to equal the potency of one serving of Methoxy-7? Well, the new Methoxy-7 is going to put the old Methoxy-7 into that same category! Great “hard body” supplement.

I could tell you more, but Tim would have my head!

Just interested in any release date on the Brand new (I’m assuming capsulated) Methoxy-7. I know Shugs mentioned looking at a label in December, so its been a couple of months. I am assuming it is getting real close.

I am having troubles finding the old(not oldest) kind and am running out.

Any information from anybody would be very helpful.


As a Methoxy Challenge participant I am eagerly awaiting the newest version. Hint. Hint. -:wink: