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I have a question regarding Methoxy-7, i’m 5’7 150lbs,currently.I’m trying to gain mass, i try to eat alot but i still don’t see any results i’ve been stuck at this weight for a while. Now i am thinking of using methoxy. Will it get me good gains ? if yes, over what period of time,
or is there something else that i should try?

“I try to eat a lot.” That line says it all, doesn’t it? Do you keep up with calories on a daily basis? Do you eat over maintenance level? Do you know what your maintenance level is? Do you get 1.5 to 2.0 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight? Every day? Do you squat and deadlift every week? Get all that sorted out first before you worry about supplements. Methoxy-7 is good, but I bet you a shiny new quarter that it’s your diet. An MRP would probably be a better choice for you since it’s just food. Read the “Get Big Diet” at T-mag and the “Diet Manifesto” article.