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Okay, I’ve gotta ask this question. After increasing the dosage of Methoxy, has anyone experience headaches? Or if you have a history of migraines, did anyone get a migraine? I’m asking since I’m at home sick due to a migraine.

Yesterday, I increased the dosage. In the morning, went to the gym - performed cleans, front squats and good mornings. Evening, boxed. At 1AM, I woke up with a pounding headache that became a full blown migraine. My history is that I'm sensitive to drugs (over the counter or certain prescriptions). Since growing up, my parents used Chinese medicine or herbs for any colds, flu, etc. (No Nyquil, cough syrup for me)

I'm tying my increase of migraines with Methoxy. Hey, Bill: am I barking up the wrong tree here, or could there be a possible tie-in (migraines/Methoxy)?

…and following on from what Patrica just asked, what side effects in general (if any) have people had in taking Methoxy? (and Mag-10 for that matter). I’m also sensitive to most drugs so I want to make sure I’ve checked these things out. A label saying “Keep out of reach of children…” doesn’t really help!

Hey, I know this was really dumb, but I drank half a bottle once. No headache or anything…uhm, a bit of intestinal duress, but that was it. Not to say it couldn’t have been the Methoxy, but you’d have to be pretty sensitive.

Never had any side effects from taking Methoxy-7 myself. I’ve gone up to three and a half servings a day.

To the guy who asked about side effects, MAG-10 and Methoxy-7 are two totally different animals. Read the MAG-10 FAQ at T-mag for info on that sup. Methoxy-7 is pretty much side effect free. I think Paricia’s headache was just a coincidence. As a people, we do have a tendency to look for a cause for everything (which is good) but with supplements it can lead to problems. For example, I used to have a guy tell me that creatine gave him athletes foot because he happened to get the foot fungus while on creatine. We have to be careful with quick cause and effect judgements. But of course if Pat gets another headache after trying it again, then she could have a problem. Honestly, I never heard of that side effect though from Methoxy.

That sucks. Sorry. :frowning: But no, I haven’t had any side effects.

I have been using it on my cutting cycle, I look a lot harder, and havent lost any muscle mass. I would be interested in trying the increased dosage, but its pricey. Hey Bill how about offering a Methoxy special for us T-men, willing to be part of your study:)

Thanks, people for not laughing at my question. When in the midst of a painful migraine, I tend to babble and rant. However that, I was just trying to see if I had to eliminate anything to avoid another migraine. This is the third one I’ve had in a month and that’s unusual.

Anyways, I could also still be sick (was sick early last week) - and am jumping back into fullblown training much too early. I don't know - since I'm still ill with the migraine. TEK: thanks for the post riddled with common sense. Much appreciated. As for the Methoxy? I haven't taken any yet today - will wait until tomorrow when I'm feeling better. This ain't no knock on Methoxy either! I STILL want to partake in this experiment!

I’m sorry if I missed this, but if someone were to double the Methoxy dosage then should you take 2 tsp. 4x/day or 4tsp. 2x/day? Again I’m sorry if someone has already said this and I missed it.

Oh I’d love to do this. I’ll even take before and after shots of all the dosing cycles. And since i want to be off the juice for a bit that would be something to keep me motivated.

Bill, let me be the first to say “I am in!” If Tim ok’s the Methoxy project, I would like to be the first to volunteer for this experiment. I have used Methoxy in the past (at normal dose), and have had little success. This always lead me to believe that a higher dosing protocol was needed, but I could never afford to go ahead with that experiment. I knew the supplement could not be worthless (since it is made by Biotest!), and would LOVE to report to the rest of the T-maggers that it’s certainly not!!

How do I find the proper way to take this stuff? Do I take the normal dosage for 5 weeks and THEN up it to double doses? Or do i take the double dose from day on and go from there?

hey bill, if you need someone to run a study on high doses of methoxy i can be your guinea pig…haha…i’d be willing to drink a bottle a day if you were to consider a nice discount…though i must say 29.99 per bottle is the best price i’ve seen so far…keep up the good work.

I also suffer from migranes and bad headaches. The lifts that you did effect trap and neck muscles. I’ve found that when I over do these kinds of lifts (power cleans, power snatch, shrugs, good mornings, even front squats) My headache will start at the back of my head at the neck.

I have been reading all this stuff about how high dosages of Methoxy are so incredible and I was wondering if it would work in conjuction with the 4AD EC in a long term 8 week plan. I too am an endurance athlete but I am training the the ARMY. I run 6 days per week, and I do very rigorous PT 6 days per week. would it benefit me to take both? Or would one over power the other? Thank you for your help.

That would be a great idea. Put up a discount for those who want to try doubling their dosage of methoxy 7. Usually you guys give stuff away for free (for trials). Well if you put up a discount you can still profit and more people can try it and report their gains!

I was about to crack open a bottle next week anyways. I’ll post if anything ridiculous happens.

I’m late to this thread but had to add my methoxy experience. Using the t-dawg diet and the recommended doseage of methoxy I actually did the impossible. I lost weight and gained strength at the same time. I never thought about using twice the dosage because everything has been going so well. I’m curious to see what will happen but will have to wait to find out myself. We just had our second child and I haven’t slept in two weeks. Train Hard.

would methoxy be effective for a 19-20 year old? or is it like mag-10 and i should wait?

Methoxy is totally different man. I posted a similar response in another thread though to a guy your age who was considering Methoxy. Take a look at that thread, the sup. roundup, and an article that was just on Methoxy in the FAQ.

I’m on my 3rd day of Methoxy-7.
Honestly, do you think it’s made that much of a differance? I’m asking simply because it’s $30 some dollars for a 12 days supply! OUCH!!!