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I thought I would just pass this along. I have been using Biotest’s Methoxy for about 6 weeks now. I love it. Increased mass, better recovery, better and harder pumps, and some fat loss. However, after about the fifth week, my progress halted. But, I had a pretty good surplus of Methoxy so early last week I upped the dosage from 4tsp./day to 7tsp./day. Now I don’t know if this is a good idea, BUT I feel like I’m on mad gear right now! In less than a week of doing this, I have put on some more muscle, leaned out more, and I’m eating more calories all the while. And the pump! FUGG-IT-ABOUT-IT! I was just wondering if others have experimented with higher doses as I have? I am pretty astounded. I’ve never tried Mag 10, but I have done a 3 week cycle of 4AD and I far and away have had better results with this crap-load of methoxy protocol. Good stuff guys and gals if you’ve never tried it!

Coincidentally, I just got off the phone with Tim Patterson and we were talking about precisely this – dose/response of Methoxy-7 – and looking into the possibility of higher recommended label dose as well as maybe doing some reader evaluations. You’re not the first
to have better results with higher dosages.

Bill, thanks for “hearing” this thread. I thought it was dead. Anyway, honestly man, I really think most people don’t realize how anabolic Methoxy CAN be. Heck, I’ve been on it on and off again for over a year and I didn’t know just how awesome it could be till I started playing around with the doses. I would maybe consider changing the recomendations. No surprise there. Maybe 8 tsp. a day (double). And if consumers worry this would be too pricey, I think they also need to realize that much shorter cycle times could be used. As in my case, I upped the dosage and noticed a change in a matter of days. So I would think that at this increased dosage, three to four weeks would be plently of time to see these awesome results. Whereas, with the old dose it was more subtle, say over a period of two monthes.
Finally, I just want to brag on you a little. Your consistantly the most frequent post-er here on the forum from the TMAG crew. Heck, I glance over at the steriod board and your name is everywhere! You never hesitate to answer all of our troubling questions or to just chime in with your monster ammount of knowledge. So, I just wanted to let you know it IS appreciated and valued by all of us. Keep up the outstanding work Bill.

If doing this, my current idea (subject to change) is 12 weeks of free Methoxy-7 to be used for 3 weeks at regular dose; then 3 weeks at double dose; followed by 3 weeks at regular dose again; and finished with 3 weeks at double dose. This would be for experienced
trainers only, using training and nutrition methods of their own choice but familiar to them – in other words, not experimenting with new things at the same time as testing the Methoxy-7.

If this flies with Tim, and no reasons occur as to why doing it differently would be better, and if there’s interest, it sounds like an interesting and worthwhile test to me. So I’ll probably start another thread
later on whether we’ll go ahead with this and if so, how, but in the meantime, comments much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Poohbaya!

Actually, I’m getting kind of fired-up. I just
asked to be sent a sample of the 7-Hydroxy-EC
which I’ll prepare as, believe it or not, an injection, so I can begin evaluating what
the compound can really do once oral bioavailability is no issue, and more importantly this will allow determination of absolute bioavailability. On changing to the
EC compound, blood tests revealed only the
improvement in relative bioavailability
compared to the former 7-methoxy product and
showed a however-many-times improvement (2 times AUC improvement, I think.) On having
absolute bioavailability, we’ll know if
it’s plausible that yet further improvement may be obtained. Anyway, I’m starting to focus attention seriously on whether Methoxy-7 can be yet further improved, but in the meantime, seeing how increasing the dosage improves results, as well as feedback from T-mag readers using it at both dosages, would be a great start.

Okay…NOW I’m interested. Actually I had already planned on upping the dosage of Methoxy just to see what would happen.

I've already used a bottle of Methoxy at the regular dosage, saw some gains. NOW, I'll double the dose and see what happens. I'm also trying MD6 and am just taking a capsule twice a day.

All this sounds great Bill. I think this closer look at Methoxy is well warranted. In the meantime, I will keep you posted on my progress with this increased dosage. I plan to keep up with it for about 2 more weeks. Thanks again.

Bill, would you recommend the same dosing schedule for someone whose primary goal is to drop fat? I’m eating hypocaloric but with lots of protein. I’d truly value your thoughts, or even a hunch!

Hey Bill, have you guys changed the bottles back to the old brown bottles again?

I got a bottle from a local store recently and it was brown and he said they came after the white ones. Is this true or am I getting an old supply?

If this is true I suppose it’s to differentiate the new formula without cholesterol?

rainbow, over on the steroid board, says he has had luck
using Methoxy “post-androgen-cycle” to solidify his
gains. I wonder what dosing he uses???

I’m going to give 2 doses a whirl.

T-man: The newer bottles should say “7-Hyrdoxy-EC” below Methoxy-7.

And no offense, but your handle is a bit much considering most of your posts reflect you don’t know much yet. How about “T-man in training”. :slight_smile:

Too bad Methoxy costs an arm and a leg. I can get 1 bottle for $31 and that only lasts 12 days. The monthly cost would be too much, however, there is no doubt in my mind about its effectiveness. Truly an awesome product.

Just like to say I am desperate to try Methoxy 7 as I like the idea (as I am sure thousands do) of a non-hormonal anabolic. I prize my hair and not having acne (I have had one spell of adult acne so I suspect I will be very prone), but I live in England and to do even 4 weeks at normal dose would cost ?60 ($100)…

Just thought I’d share my winge!!

Thanks for posting the feedback though guys its good to know ‘real world’ results

I’m in on this and I’ll tell you why: pro-hormone legislation.

My training age is 17 years. I use the anabolic diet and have used pro-hormones but not the real deal. If we can optimize the usage of non-hormonal anabolics it will help us all. Although I agree Methoxy in general suffers from a bad rap, I also agree the Biotest product with carbon esters is a different animal. There might be something to this, and I would like to find out what that something really is. Let’s do it!

To Bill Roberts:

I was planning to use Methoxy-7 in January. I’m an advanced lifter so if you need volunteers to experiment with higher dosages, let me know.


I’ve never noticed the incredible pumps at the recommended dosages. It’s been a pretty effective supplement in terms of LBM retention with moderately (but not severely) hypocaloric diets. I would be very interested in taking part in a study to determine how increased dosages impact gains.

I’m a little suprised to see all this hoopla. I felt zero effect from the Methoxy, muscle-wise. I guess I felt very hot at night (no blankets) but that’s it. My muscle mass was not affected. Strange. I’ve had much better effects from Tribex (for me, I see most of the effect through strength increases)

paul: the white bottles say “7-Hydroxy-EC” too.

And no offense but we are all here to learn so you can lose that holier-than-thou know-it-all attitude.

I’m going to make myself a guinea pig. I’m going on a MAG 10 cycle near the end of november. I usually lose some of my gains after the cycle. I always take Tribex 500, M, Methoxy 7 to try and solidify my gains. I usually do a pretty good job but still lose some. I know most of you may be thinking that it’s the initial glycogen/water loss, but that’s not the case. I was thinking that on the first cycle im going to try a double dosage of methoxy 7 during the off weeks. If in fact the larger dosage works really well, I should be able to maintain all my gains, minus water/glycogen loss. I’ll post my results (don’t expect them soon since i’m not starting till late november). If this works well I will shell out the extra cash and do this at the end of every cycle.

Methoxy-7 has been one of my favorite supplements for a long time. I could never figure out why more T-maggers didn’t talk about it here. Good stuff.