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methoxy 7

Peace, I have the methoxy 7 and I also have a fat burner. My question is this, when and how often do I take it? 2nd, I work out in my basement with free weights. I have a bench as well. I rarely do cardio and when I do it’s jump roping. But I’m confused because 4 months ago when I started I was 240 now I’m 220 and I just started with the fat burners on saturday. Is all the weight I’ve lost water? My family notices the loss in my belly (which is still big so you can imagine how big it was) and my face. My waist is smaller also, my clothes literally fall off me without a belt. Is my metabolism fast now or what?
I know I ask a lot of questions but I’m trying to learn. Thanx in advance.

Hey man stick with it. As far as the Meth goes follow the dose on the bottle. If you just started I would shelve it for now. You can stick with the fat burner. I suggest you start on this site with the article from day 1. There is a lot of great stuff here. In addition use it to develop a trianing program and get a diet from this site. You seem like you really need and want to trim down alot before concentrating on anything else. You should check out the T-Dawg diet and couple with the Meltdown training program on this site. The 2 together will provide great results. Keep reading dude and good luck!