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Whats up guys, just got my first couple bottles of methoxy in the mail today and just had a quick question on dosing. It says to take 2 teaspoons, twice a day…nowi read all the behind the scenes and all that stuff, my question was whether or not 2 sevings a day was enough, and if 3 servings would be better. Just trying to get the most out of this stuff, as i’ve never really taken anyuthign besides my protien/carb shakes, flax/fish oils, and creatine. By the way i’m 18, 5’11, 187, 8% calipers, 11% tanita, adn i train davies style for college lacrosse. Thanks guys i appreciate it, deuce

Two servings per day works great, but three servings is better if you can afford it.

Stick with the recommended dosage.