Methoxy 7

I was recently brought to the attention of the potential benefits of supplementing with methoxy7, however when i went to purchase it i was directed to a sublingual version of the product by sports science research called methoxy fuel. Here’s the breakdown:
The methoxy fuel has only 50mg servings, however because it is sublingual(absorbed through the vessels under the tongue) it goes directly to the blood and is not some what diminished by the liver if it were ingested through the stomach. The half life of the methoxy fuel is only 4-5 hours, however it has sixty servings which equates to 30 days, whereas the methoxy seven is a little more pricy for about a 10 day supply. I know the methoxy 7 has a 400mg serving and a half life of up to 12 hours however i was told this high dosage was needed because the liver breaks down about 50% of it anyway. Results and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Methoxy 7 does have a sublingual vector. That’s why the instructions say to place it under the tongue for x number of seconds. I’ve used Methoxy 7, but I can’t really give you my opinion of it, because I screwed too many things up while taking it. It tastes good, though.

Actually Methoxy-7 uses the same delivery system as Mag-10 and 4AD EC. The Ethylcarbonate Ester is what protects the active incredient 5-methyl 7-hydroxy. This gives almost 100% potency and an active life up to 12 hours. True 1 bottle of Methoxy-7 lasts about 12 days, but Biotest spends a lot of money to get quality materials to make their products. Remember quality not quantity.

Methoxy-7 from Biotest is the only one that has enough methoxy/hydroxy in it to work.

I’ve got a rule of thumb for you, if it ends in “Fuel”, it’s probably as ergogenic as a doorstop.

I haven’t tried methoxy fuel, but I love Methoxy-7. I use it as directed. It seems to melt away the fat and makes me feel great.

I have run some informal 1-subject tests to try to determine if this somewhat expensive stuff really works. Keeping diet and exercise the same, taking no other supps except my multivitamin, I have gone on and off and on and off, several times. And I believe the stuff really makes a big difference for me. I just dread the day that Biotest quits making it, and it joins the graveyard of all my other favorite Biotest products.