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Hi everybody. I was reading the special report on the new Methoxy-7 in T-Mag issue no. 5. It sounds like a pretty awesome formula and I am very interested in it. However, with the exception of protein powders and Glutamine, I am fairly new to the world of drugs/supplements, so I have some questions.

In the artice, Tim writes “…If you don’t achieve and sustain high enough blood levels, you can kiss results good bye…” What does this mean? Does this statement apply to the new Methoxy-7?

Maybe this stuff isn't even for me. I don't know, somebody tell me. I am about 180 lbs pounds and I have been working out seriously 3 days a week for about a year. Over that year I gained 4 or 5 pounds of muscle (or so the scale says, maybe I gained some fat, too). I am pleased with the results I have seen, but, despite cardio exercise and nutrition that is pretty darn good, I am having trouble losing some body fat. I could stand to lose 5, maybe even 10, pounds o' fat, then I would finally be able to see my earned muscle...and I sure wouldn't mind having more lean mass, or a harder physique, either. Anyway, it isn't my goal to become the Incredible Hulk, though I definitely respect, admire, and fear ;) all the big guys out there. I just want to resemble a Men's Health model. (Hey, a guy can dream.)

Based on this, is Methoxy-7 something I should consider using, or does it not suit my goals, or am I too ignorant to be even considering it? If it is for me, how much should I buy? I’m trying to save my money, but I guess if I had to buy two to see results I would buy two. Hey…and I’d get one free bottle, too! Well, thanks for any help. Have a nice day and happy New Year!

I think the new formula is very good. If as you say your diet and training are designed properly, I think you would see some nice results. I purchased (3) bottles and saw a reduction in bodyfat after the first week. Adding some mass will come, but at a little slower rate. I used it as per label instructions. You can go to the Biotest store and click on stacks to see what might go well with the Methoxy 7 or just use 7 alone.
Good luck

i have had that same question…i am 140 and am in Shape but i wanna get even more ripped and gain at least 10 to 15 more pounds of just lean muscle…is M-7 any good for that…what do you recommend Bill?

Rian, the short answer to your question is yes, Methoxy-7 (especially the new formulation) is a good and worthwhile supplement. However, you touch on another good point when you ask about being ignorant… No offense, but judging from your post you have a lot of reading to do to educate yourself before you go off spending a lot of money on supps. I wouldn’t even use glutamine right now if I were you (although the protein powder is a good idea). Here’s my suggestion: First, start from the beginning and read through all of the back issues of T-Mag. This will give you the best possible education for bodybuilding, and it’s free. Second, start keeping track of what you’re eating. If you’ve only gained about 5 pounds from your first year of weightlifting, you’re doing something wrong and it’s probably diet-related. So keep a food log. Third, as an overall plan, decide what weight you want to be at for your height. If you’re 180 right now and want to look like a Men’s Health cover boy, you’re probably not too far off, but you also probably need a little more lean body mass. Gain (or lose) as required, then once you’ve gotten within range, concentrate on reducing your bodyfat percentage. Dont’ try to gain while reducing fat at the same time - you don’t have enough experience for this yet. Finally, wait for a few years of PROPER training and dieting to have taken their effect before you start worrying about which supps are good or bad. Supps are an extra to be added onto a decent diet and training program, not a substitute for one. They WILL NOT HELP if your training and diet aren’t pretty well dialed in first. Good luck!

That was some good ass advice Char-dawg thanks…anymore …pointers would be great…thanx -Flaco

Flaco, Methoxy-7 is usually good at helping
lose fat while preserving muscle, and can
also be good for increasing muscle moderately.

For your 10 or 15 pound goal, first, I’m not
sure (it’s not demonstrated) that Methoxy-7 can take you 10 or 15 pounds more muscular than you could ever have achieved without supplementation. So if (as probably isn’t your case though) someone had gotten just about as far as they could, being a very experienced trainer, it would be quite open to doubt whether any period of use of Methoxy-7 could get them 15 lb more muscular yet.

On the other hand, for someone who has
15 lb of room left to grow anyway, maybe Methoxy-7 can get them there quite a bit quicker. I am guessing here.

In any case, if your goal is 10-15 pounds
while using Methoxy-7, I’d be looking at
it as a fairly long term program, at least six months probably. (Except in the case of a someone who is in an easy-gaining position anyway, then of course it could be faster.)

Not a problem, bud. If you’ve got any specific questions, lemme see 'em and I’ll try to help …