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I have been using methoxy 7 for 8 weeks and MD6 for about 6 weeks now and have noticed all that was promised and more. My weight has dropped by about 15 lbs and although I don’t have the ability to measure bf% I’m sure I have gained muscle in addition to fat loss.People have been commenting on how my physique has changed, and I also have noticed much more musculature, particularly on my upper body.

My question: I know I need to cycle the MD6 but what about the methoxy 7? I realize it is safe but if I stop using it, will I lose my newfound muscle? I have been doing upper body resistance routines and have noticed an improvement in strength, and also have been doing high intensity interval training on an exercycle 3-4 times per week.

I expect that by stopping Methoxy-7, you’ll stop
getting further benefits from it, but
will lose none of the body composition benefits
you’ve already achieved with it.