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Methoxy-7 With Propecia?


is Methoxy-7 useable with propecia? and would it also be useable in conjuction with Carbolin 19 or are they both similar in nature. would it be worth stacking them together?



There wouldn't be any expected interactions taking finasteride (Propecia) with Methoxy-7 or Carbolin 19.

I definitely think using the Methoxy-7 and Carbolin 19 concurrently would be worth it.


what kind of gains can one expect by stacking Methoxy-7 and Carbolin 19? Thank you for your time!


What is your training regimen look like?


Need an idea of your approach before I can tell you about the landing


Little tidbit to save you money, bro: Instead of using propecia ($55/month), use proscar instead. Look up on the forum via the search engine the exact reasons why they are basically the same stuff, but just different amounts. (1 mg finasteraide with propecia, 5 mg with proscar)

I would write more, but I just had a grip workout and my hands can barely type...


Training - I currently started CT's program from the black book previous

lifting - 4-5X a week
Cardio - 3X wk 15-20 min

Diet is very clean
lean protien
carbs, veggies

6'/ 205lbs