Methoxy-7? with 7-Hydroxy-EC?

I just got done with a 2 week “cycle” of the mag 10. I knw I am supposed to take the “M” and the Tribex-500. My question is this, Would it be a good idea to take the the Methoxy-7 along with these 2 products? I want to try and maximize the muscle I keep as well as the fat I lose. What I’m not real sure of in this case is if taking the Methoxy-7 will cause any problems for me or subject me to a higher chance of side effects. I’m not 100% sure what exactly the Methoxy-7 does to you to help you lose fat and gain mass. Anyone done this before or know for sure it will help/hurt to do this? How about double doses?
Thanks for the help

Adding Methoxy-7 at this point will be nothing if not beneficial, but it is not necessary. If you’re going to use it, a double dose would probably be most productive.

As far as what it does, Methoxy-7 is basically a non-hormonal agent which encourages both protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Both of these things will encourage fat loss and muscle gain.

As far as you personally, I would suggest worriying more about holding onto the mass you've gained, and not worry the slightest bit about fat for now. If you try to modify your diet to any significant degree in an attempt to lose fat too soon after your Mag-10 cycle, you will invariably lose some of the LBM you gained on that cycle.

My advice to you would be to eat maint. level calories for about a month or so, and then slowly begin to diet and train off the fat later. Hope this helps.

Methoxy-7 will only help. There are no side effects associated with its use.

I routinely use it, at the recommended dose, with Tribex to boost my gains and have been very happy with the results.

you can take methoxy to keep your gains as well as make new gains. The tribex-500 will help your body produce more leutinizing hormone thus increasing natural testosterone production. They work by 2 different pathways. I believe methoxy helps with nitrogen retention just like anabolic androgens do without affecting your own hormaonal system. laters pk

Thanks all for the help. Though its a little spendy, I think I will take it. I suspected that taking it would help me to retain the mass I built as well as help me lose fat. Although only one person has told me what I was hoping to hear, all of you have said that it certainly couldn’t hurt to take it. I wish I had several months to take the fat off but I don’t.
BTW I gained 12.5 lbs in 2 weeks, and, this is my first time trying Mag-10 or any biotest products. And whether the guys at biotest like it or not much of my decision was based on the previous affiliation with EAS.(as a side note the advertising in Muscle Media is working guys!) I think that EAS is reputable and by proxy I think Biotest is as well. I have purchased well over $300.00 in products in the last 2 weeks :). Mag-10, Methoxy7, M, and tribex-500. Man it all runs out so quickly!
Well I just wanted to thank all who replied and thank Bio-test for making such kewl product. I hope to continue making these crazy gains.