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Methoxy-7 with 7-Hydroxy-EC/M/ZMA

I’m really considering buying some Biotest “Methoxy-7 with 7-Hydroxy-EC” “M” and “ZMA”.

I’ve been trying to gather information on the products through the online forums here (search) and have mainly found info on gains and talk about other supplements i’ve never heard of.

I was wondering how would you take these? 7 days a week? Or just on training days?

Also, When would be the best time to take them? I read ZMA is taken at night, but what about the other 2?

Anything else I should know?

Thanks for your help!

These products all work great, just make sure that your diet and training are also on track.

Take 3 ZMA caps at night on an empty stomach, since I’m tryin to gain weight a HUGE protein shake before bed is essential so I take the ZMA then 30min. later the shake and hit the sack.

Take the Methoxy with a meal. Maybe start with 1 dose a day and after a week or so move to 2 doses a day. (Great for “hardening/leaning” up)

M is great for coming off of a cycle of mag10 or 4ad and also by itself, but I usually buy and use Tribex before I go for M, unless I’m coming off of a mag cycle, in fact I’m almost always using Tribex and Methoxy when I’m not using mag10, and if money allows I add ZMA to that list.

I’m not planning on taking Tribex.
The reason being because it seems that some people get acne from it, something I want to avoid.

Do you think I should not take M since I’m not planning on taking Tribex?

If you’re prone to acne, either Tribex or M may give you a slightly worse case. The reason? Your hormonal profile will change (for the better, but the acne may be an unwanted side-effect).

You sound like you’re pretty young, and therefore I’d worry less about the hormonal supps (i.e., Tribex, M and the like) and use the money on Surge instead (assuming that you’re not already doing so). Or a good protein powder if you’re not already using one.

As for Methoxy, you can take it whenever you like, with or without meals. I’ve taken it at all different times and have never noticed any real difference in effectiveness. The advice above on getting your diet right first, however, was right on the money. Methoxy won’t help you if you’re not eating to support your goals.

And speaking of goals, what are yours? Gain weight? Get ripped? Let us know, along with more info about you (age, training age, current workout, current diet, what supps you’re taking now, etc.) and we can help you out a lot more effectively.

Hmm, if you’re worried about acne watch out for M to, although it wouldn’t affect that near to the degree that Tribex would.

Also, I’m assuming that you are already using protein powders, etc. And what about Surge, Surge is awesome, and would be a priority before M, again M is great I’m just saying that I kind of prioritize my supps something like this with my budget:

Grow/Grow Bars/More Real food

Hmmm, that sounds kindof hokey, but errr, yeah.

What are you looking to do exactly (IE Lean up, build mass, strength)?


There was a Methoxy challenge in the last year. Biotest supplied the Methoxy and the participants took double doses for several weeks. That worked really well.

tribex at double does made my back get some acne. i droped to single just to finish the bottle. im taking that guggulbolic with the tribex and seem to be preventing any new acne. i’ll only use tribex during winter time, when the shirt stays on.

I’m 21 years old. I don’t really get acne so I guess i wouldn’t be affected so much.

I do take a whey powder right now.

I’d say I want to lean up and strenghten at the moment. I have a bit of a gut, but the rest of my body doesn’t seem that bad.


I guess you can say get ripped as my goal. :slight_smile:

Age: 21
Training Age: 2 years half-assed, about 4 months very serious. (I finally got myself in gear)
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 197lbs

My workout
2x a week

Trisets (8-12 reps)

Barbell Bench Press
Dumbell Deadlift
Lat Pulldown

Barbell Squat
Cable Seated Row
Dumbell Lunge

Barbell Cuban Press
Seated Calf Raises

Then 2-3x a week I have an ab routine

I try to eat about 2300 calories.
The macronutrient breakdown I aim for is

Protein 34%
Carbs 17%
Fats 49%

I know the fats are high there, I’d like to raise the protein but i find it hard to get 1.5g of protein/lbs


  1. Read the “Massive Eating” articles and up your calories. Yes, that’s right, up them. You’re almost 200 pounds and you’re eating like a bird. Your metabolism is probably in the shitter from having too little to work with.

  2. At 2300 cals per day, you’re probably not eating often enough. Start getting at least six meals in per day. Each meal is small, with a good chunk of protein in it. If you do this, you’ll be able to fit more protein into your diet.

  3. You DO need more protein when dieting. Can’t eat that much? Tough. I weigh about 20 pounds less than you do, and I get about 300g per day when dieting. You can do it too, if you want to. Work up to it if you have to, but be sure to get at least 1.5g per pound instead of the 1g that you’re getting now. 1g is fine if you’re just maintaining, but it’s not enough for either cutting or bulking.

  4. No supplement is going to do anything for you until you get your diet right. That said, once you do get it right, you’d be better off using something like Methoxy than either Tribex or M. Why? A) Chances are that at your age you’re doing fine hormonally. B) Methoxy is good for keeping LBM when dieting. C) Methoxy is good for hardening up (although if your BF percentage is too high - which it probably is - you won’t see much of this). D) Methoxy may even help with your acne.

  5. If you want to make a very fast and noticeable visual change, look up Joel Marion’s CD/EDT thread on the Lair of the Ice Dog forum. It has a very effective and easy-to-follow routine, as well as loads of questions, answers and other information. But if you’re going to go this route, you’ll need something a little stronger than Methoxy, like 4AD-EC or MAG-10.