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Methoxy-7 Users

I thought I would start a thread for people to post their experiences with the new Methoxy-7. I am interested to see how others are doing. Thanks.

No responses, huh. So no one bought the stuff or no one is getting decent results, or what. I am almost finished with my second bottle and I am seeing some progress. I didn’t think it was doing anything at first but now I am noticing that my muscles are harder and I have seen some mild strength gains. Anyone else?

Well I’m using it currently but also with Maximum Strength HOT-ROX and I’m on a restricted calorie diet so yea, i am having my desired effect but it’s hard to attribute what is from the Maximum Strength HOT-ROX and whats from the Methoxy-7.

Those 2 products together are very effective for burning fat though!

My experience coincides with Triceps…Using concurrently with Maximum Strength HOT-ROX. Excellent results thus far, but I’m assuming that’s it’s the result of product synergy. One thing: I am taking 3 caps/day of Maximum Strength HOT-ROX and 8 caps/day of Methoxy-7. Quite frankly, this is BY FAR, the best fat burning combination I have ever experienced and I’m no beginner (i.e., 15 years recreational weight lifting amd 39 years old.) I have seen and used a lot of non-effective CRAP supplements over the years, so it’s really amazing to experience the science advancements available today.

You young bucks have NO IDEA how good you have it. I read a negative comment regarding MAG-10 the other day ,on another “BIASED” forum, comminicating the “User’s” disatisfaction because he only gained 10lbs over his two week cycle. Un-fucking-believable! It’s no wonder TC feels the need to vent…The concentration of ignorance out there is staggering…Sorry, didn’t mean for this post to evolve into a mini rant…Kids today…sheesh!

I am using Methoxy-7 with Alpha Male, M, and ZMA. I started 10/14.

So far I am very pleased. The weight on all of my lifts are up. Squats alone have gone up 50lbs (not bad for someone who thought he’d never do a squat because of bad knees).

I had zero definition. I can see my quad muscles which I’ve never seen in my life. Calf are definitely bigger and I can see where the heart shape on the bottom is. Biceps seem to be getting wider as opposed to higher but that has always been a weakness. Chest is starting to get a bit harder and isn’t near as “jiggly”.

The best part is the weight lose even though I have increased my calorie intake. I started at 303 today was 296. 7lbs ! I’ll take it!

I’ve already ordered more!

I started a cutting phase 3 weeks ago. I have been taking 4 caps/day Maximum Strength HOT-ROX and 4 caps/day of Methoxy-7. I just finished Meltdown I. I have gone from 206lbs @ 17%BF to 203lbs @ 14%BF in only three weeks. That’s approximately a 7lbs fat loss with a 3lbs LBM gain. I am pleased with these results. Normally it is easy for me to loss total body weight, but I’ve never been able to gain LBM while dieting.

Just finished 4 weeks with the new Methoxy-7, and have noticed a lot of vascularity over the 4 week period. Daily calories were slightly under maintenance, except for Saturday. On Saturdays, I ate anything I wanted. Total weight has gone down from 250 to 240lbs. 400 meter sprint has gotten faster, and lifts have slightly increased in poundage. Workouts were total body lifts on M,W,F as per Christian Thibaudeau’s 12 week Body Comp Blitz program.