Methoxy 7 Usage

Is Mehtoxy 7 Ok for a 12 year old male. My son needs help with weight loss and building some muscle mass. This would seem to be a safe way to go. I have him doing a GPP program with jogging and he has a Tae Kwon Do class 2X a week. Any thoughts? Thanks for all replies!


Unless there is some medical issue at hand, I can’t see why a 12 year old would need suppliments. The only thing most kids need is Ritalin. It sounds like the kid is active. Give him a multi-vitamin to aid his developing body, and be sure the diet is sound. When I was a kid I was only allowed to snack after school and sometimes after dinner. Keeps snacks to a minimum and make sure meals are good. Best thing to do is teach by example. Unhealthy parents will produce unhealthy kids. Eat right, make sure your kid eats right, and no supplimentation should be needed.


Safety aside, your son needs to learn the most important thing to a long and successful life of athletic pursuits: proper food choices. Lean meats, fish (especially salmon), mixed nuts, vegetables, fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, whole grain breads, natural peanut butter, vegetables, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, etc. Read the “Foods that make you lood good nekid” article in issue 172. Also, he needs to be active in as many different sports and activities as possible. So please get him active and get him to eat the foods listed above before relying on the American philosophy of “wanting a pill not a program”. Please ask further questions if you need more info.

As the others stated, focus on healthy diet and nutrition. I see no need for a 12 year old kid to be using supplements. You’re sending him the “magic bullet” message, or at least this will be how he perceives it.

Thanks. I have been thinking about him as I would another adult who had been training. I appreciate all of your feedback. It may have helped me avoid a mistake. I have been working out with him now and paying more attention to his food choices. I’m sure he will be successful without supplements. Sometimes you need another point of view to avoid being a goof. Thanks again.


I’m very glad to hear that you have chosen the wiser option. The advice and help you provide your son at this age on eating habits and exercise will carry over to the rest of his life. Health and fitness is a lifestyle and you are showing him this and I commend you.

If he is definitely overweight, then worry about weight loss. Don’t force your ideas on him though if he is fine with how he is. If he does want to change, then make it through whole foods, make it gradual and make it fun. Give him options so he has the ablility to feel like he is directing it. Also High intesity interval training (ex. sprinting) is shown to burn more calories than steady state training( jogging) especially post workout.
But above all, make it fun, do it with him too if need be.

I agree 100%. The best supplement (if you already can give a good diet) is FUN. I dropped 20lbs of fat from 12->13yrs. Why? Because I enjoyed my exercise. Best of luck, man. Best of luck preventing a playstation tubby from happening.

Good choice on no supplementation, at his age he doesn’t need it, his metabolism should change pretty rapidly through exercise and diet. Another concern I have is that he may be too young to start weights. This could be detremental to his growth process. Instead of weights I would suggest wrestling (I am assuminghe doesn’t mind rough play with the Tae Kwon Doe.) Youth wrestling would be a much safer way and also help more with the weight loss at his age.

Put him on mag 10, it’ll work a lot better.

And a keto diet, he’ll be cut in no time. When he comes off it, put him on tribex and M.

No thanks needed.

Cut out the soda, juice, and Captain Crunch.

Thanks guys, im gonna have to go with Daman on this one.

Did everybody forget this kid is 12 years old. Forget the supplements, he’s a big bundle of hormones as it is. He probably is just starting his climb to the top of the testosterone mountain, don’t slow or shut it down! Teach the kid or live like the kid ( do the same workout, eat the same foods and frequency), Let him learn from example that life is full of choices that affect our health and life. Let him acheive something now, without a crutch( supplements), that has a huge impact on his psyche, and it will overflow into all areas of his life. If he picks up a crutch as a child what has he learned? To potentially rely on crutches in all their forms regardless if they are needed and whether or not they are helpful. Peace!

Thanks again for your responses. He is actually doing well these past several days. I am doing exercises with him from Matt Furey’s Combat Conditioning book, with some non-weighted GPP. I am not going to give my son any supplements. I will let him decide on that after he turns 18 and moves out. You may have noticed that someone posted a joke response with my initials on the 18th, saying that I agreed with DaMan’s humorous suggestion to give my son MAG-10. HA-HA!!! Very funny!
That won’t happen. Take care everyone.