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METHOXY-7 & TRIBEX. Is this combo effective in LBM gains? I have moderately high test levels so I was looking for a moderate non-andro boost and some non-ephedra thermogenesis that wouldn’t eat mass away. This combo made sense in theory but in the real world? I want to swap 7 lbs muscle for 7 lbs fat in two months. My training is going to be normal for one month (Tribex for 2x weeks, then Tribex & Methoxy-7 for two more weeks). Next I move to stage 2 growth surge outlined in the Mag-10 plan (Tribex & Methoxy-7 for two more weeks). Finally stage 3 (just Tribex for the remaing 2 weeks). What do you T-Men expect from such a cycle? I’m an average gainer, 5’11 190 lbs, and about 14 % BF. I eat almost purely Atkins diet (induction stage) on off training days. I eat as much carbs as I feel hungry for (sort of follows recovery to a T) on training days.This is going to change in stage 2 growth surge… I’m going to be eating a lot more carbs all the time. Critique?

Good supplements, but you aren’t going to gain any muscle on the Atkins diet, unless you’re a total newbie when it comes to weight training. Read the “Essential Berardi” aricles for some diet info and links to goods articles.

Not the whole diet. Only on non workout days… every training day I may even over eat carbs a bit. This will be at least four days out of the week were I am eating plenty of carbs. Every other day I’ll be eating protein and fat… then when I begin stage 2 I eat carbs even on non workout days (training at least five days then).