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Methoxy-7 Test

The Methoxy-7 test is finally ready to go!

A number of readers reported that they got
remarkably good results from Methoxy-7 at twice the recommended label dose – really
amazing stuff. This seems surely worth looking

For many supplement companies it would be no surprise that a product might not work its best at the label-recommended doses but be of much more value at higher dosages: people routinely double or triple recommendations for that reason. That’s not how it’s supposed
to be with Biotest products, though – the maximum label dose is supposed to be that point at which taking more wouldn’t be productive. It looks as if that may have
been missed with Methoxy-7, and if so that
needs to be found out and corrected.

So, readers who are selected for the test will
be sent 14 bottles of Methoxy-7 free of charge to be used at this dosing for 12 weeks.
What we would like is progress reports and opinions of how well it works.

For accurate findings, we need experienced weight trainers using methods familiar to them so they know what
changes are attributable simply to training and diet, and what are attributable to the Methoxy-7.

So this means participants can train and diet as they wish,
but must use only training
and dietary methods which are already familiar and well-understood.

(Which brings up a correction to the webpage: it says “no change” can be made
in diet or training, but what is actually
meant is what I’ve written above. You’re not stuck with doing exactly whatever you’re doing now – just please don’t do unfamiliar things with regard to training or diet.)

As with the MAG-10 test, a webpage has been set up for people to register. We’ll pick those who seem to be in the best situations for providing evaluations, correspond a little by e-mail, and should have a final selection shortly.

And as with the MAG-10 Challenge, well-qualified Forum participants who expressed
interest beforehand will be given a little
extra consideration towards “getting in.” :slight_smile:

The webpage is:


Thanks for your interest, and your help!

Bill - I know that I’ve been a bit quiet of late on the forum and did not participate in those threads. Just throwing in my 2 cents. I’ve had fantastic experience with MAG-10, androsol and Powerdrive. Methoxy-7 and Tribex have been a bit of a dissapointment, so I would be very excited to find out that it was just a dosing error. I submitted my application for the Methoxy-7 challenge and I sure wish I had checked the forum before dropping an order for some MAG-10 and Tribex because I would have waited until I found out the results from this challenge.

Anyway, I'm currently using a protocol designed by myself and fellow T-Man, Zev, involving all of the various training programs here at T-mag, with the overall goal of a slow steady increase in lean body mass without a concurrent gain in fat, so I think I'm in the middle of the perfect program to evaluate Methoxy-7 further.

Ok, well enough for my simple plea. I d have on question for you though:
What about the use of other supplements like creatine and Powerdrive concurrently? If already using them, should we continue if selected? <

Big money, big money, no whammies, STOP! Gosh, I hope I win.

I live in Canada, damn …

Are Canadians eligible? (I’m in Alberta and would love to participate).

Sweet merciful crap, 21 and over?! AAAAARGH! On the bright side, at least I can still hit minors. Good luck to people who make the cut.

Well, Bill, I have signed up the Mehtoxy 7 test, and I am waiting to hear back before I step inmto my next routine. If you remember correctly, I am a personal trainer and I have been logging my workouts religiously for the past 4 years. As an athlete, it shows me my progress… I can not wait to start this program. Please e-mail me if you have any other questions. Thanks T-mag!

What’s with the over 21 years old stipulation? I’m 20, but you know from my posts and articles that I’m well informed and would give accurate info- no exceptions?

God damnit why do you hate us Canadians! There’s just as many of us who support biotest.

Hey this sounds like an amazing opportunity. Sigh… too bad it is only available to those people in the states. Maybe someone could see fit to run something like this for Canadians. Bill maybe you could bring up this idea with Tim Paterrson. I don’t think it is a very T thing to do to not include people because of where they live. If it is a matter of shipping costs(which I seriously doubt since you are giving away 12 free bottles) then maybe canadians could pay shipping. I would just hate to miss out on something like this because of where I am living right now. I’m sure other Canadians, Europeans, etc feel the same way.
:slight_smile: Groove

I just signed up and wanted to say thanks to Biotest for letting people try their products for free. I’m looking forward to hearing everyones results. I’m finishing a cycle of Finasol and 4AD with great results and would like to use methoxy post cycle.

Bill, I would imagine that within a day or two, you or Tim will be contacted by one of your colleagues at Biotest regarding my enthusiasm to participate in this study. I just wanted to give you a heads up and get my name in the mix. Thanks.

Come on I just turned 20 let be in buddy!!!

I’m really excited about this study, even if I am not accepted (even though I’d love to be). I will be coming off a cycle of mag-10 in a while and would love to see if methoxy could help me hang on to these gains! Anyway, I could promise very detailed results while keeping all factors as constant as possible if chosen. Oh yeah, and Biotest Rules!

Bill, i dont understand why you must be over the age of 21 to enter the contest. If an individual has good knowledge and training experience why should age hinder him/her from participating?

Ahh yes! Extra consideration is good! I would just like to point out that I was the FIRST T-magger to volunteer (in the original post in this section that started this all). That should be some “extra-SPECIAL consideration!” :wink:

go figure you gotta be 21 to do this test…ive been training for 8 years…will be 21 in 3.5 months…this sucks

Bill, I signed up for the Methoxy challenge but I doubt I will get in as I only have 5 or 6 years of experience. I’m already have a little methoxy anyway and was wondering if you would suggest using the double dose, or wait to see if it is cost effective. Although I’m really not interested in waiting twelve weeks to try it, but I don’t want to use it with no results.

Great idea! I just signed up…I hope, hope, hope I get selected! Whatever the case though, I am positive that Methoxy works, and I think that we will see this reflected in the trial results! Good luck everyone! Thanks T-Mag staff for this opportunity!

Filled out the form. I have used Methoxy-7 and saw reasonable results. However, I never took it at the dosage that is being recommended here. I have interest in the challenge but did not participate in the thread due to a busy schedule.

I would be surprised to get selected since I am currently doing the MAG-10 challenge. It would be extremely nice to start the Methoxy about 4 weeks post-cycle. Doesn’t hurt to try eh?