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Methoxy-7 Test Participants

For those who got an email confirmation and replied, have you heard back from Biotest yet?

Nope. I figure it’ll be a while till this thing gets runnin’. I look till around early January, but who knows? Bill, maybe.

Nothing yet. Still waiting to hear. Croooz

They may be waiting for the annual Thanksgiving/Xmas Pigout to be over.

Ha! I just revived the old thread looking for the same exact answer. Most likely it will be after the 1st of the year, which is when I plan to begin…

No, and I don’t check my e-mail constantly either. Wait, I have to go, I just got mail.

Yes, I would be interested to know as well.
I’am debating when to start though, might wait
till after the Holiday Season.

I sent in my confirmation, but nothing new yet. I assume that the folks at Biotest are coming up with protocols and paperwork for us to fill out in order to track results. That kind of noodling can take a while.

I was selected, but have no even received an email yet. Has eveyone else who was on the list received an email confirming?

Everyone should have received the e-mail, and I had thought that was done… there was some setting up to do and some deal of being done from a database (you can tell, I guess, that I’m about 20 years behind the curve in that sort of thing) and I will check into it. I apologize for the delay.

Actually, Tim told me last night that the e-mails were sent out nearly 2 weeks ago, and all but two recipients replied. He asked me if I felt like that was enough time for everyone to have replied or we should hold off on shipping everything out, and it seemed to me with that much time and with 58 replies and only 2 not replying, just waiting longer probably wouldn’t get more replies, and so I said I felt like we should just go ahead.

JD, so far as I can tell everything is fine, your response to the e-mail did get into the database and you’re on the final list. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update, Bill. So, I guess we should be looking for a delivery/package next week? Looking forward to getting started!

Yes, I’d think certainly be early next week.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! It’s gonna be Christmas early this year!

Bill, is there a certain start time that everyone should be on (like say dec. 15th) or is there a window of time where you should be starting (like say you should start from between when you get the bottles and January 5th)? Thanks.

Bill -

Once we receive the shipment, are we expected to begin immediately? I was hoping to finish off my current program through the Christmas season and begin fresh in January? Would this be a problem?

Brent, and Jason, any start time that’s within reason is fine. It’s very understandable that your training program or diet plans may make it best to start after a few weeks rather than right away, and that’s no problem.

I’m rare’in to go Bill. ;0

Seeing as I will be eating lots of turkey and roast potatos over the xmas period, I will probably start straight away and make use of the increased protein and carbs. lol.

Bill, I sent another email back to enquiry about delivery issues. Can u have a look at it when u get a chance and let me know the outcome.


Bill, some of my e-mail are not reaching their destination, just want to make sure you received my confirmation.Don’t want to be considered one of the two who didn’t reply. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks.