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Methoxy-7 ?'s

I posted a similar question on the steroid thread but I felt it could also apply here. What’s the longest anyone has taken methoxy-7? The most muscle they gained/fat lost?

Anyone? Anyone?

I don’t have much experience (didn’t do a lot for me), but I figured the Methoxy Challenge folks would chime in.

Havent taken as much as i would like (cause im broke) but i have taken it and have had bodybuilder clients go on it and found LBM is more easily maintained at lower calorie intake than would other wise be needed. also get good pumps even on very low carb diets.
kinda like what HMB should have been… fuckers, how many poeple wasted big bucks on that shite…

We’ve killed this one a long time ago.

Do a search for “Methoxy Challenge Results,” by me.

That should answer all your questions reguarding results and what’s attainable through methoxy.

As for cycle length, that’s up to you. I’ve taken it up to a year. No cycling is necessary.

Since the challenge, I’ve been using Methoxy on/off.

The “off” periods is due to running out and just going w/out for awhile to see what happens.

And I have found that best results (for me) is by cycling the dosage. I still follow the double-dose twice daily; however, I’ve thrown in a 4-on/2 or 1 off cycle. Works extremely well for me, and I found this out by accident.

I’m not too good on taking my supps consistently. Methoxy is no different. Sooo, I’d miss a day or two from taking any Methoxy. I noticed that I was definitely harder after missing that day or two. Wild, but true.

So, that’s what I do to this day. Today is my off day from Methoxy. Also, I’d use it as a way to maintain as I diet. Haven’t dieted yet, but if I ever do, I’d definitely take Methoxy.