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Methoxy-7 Reviews

I’m looking for something to aid my hypertrophy progress. I tried taking a testosterone-booster but it ended up causing quite a bit of insomnia. I discontinued use but want to try something else. What about Methoxy-7? Can anyone give me their experiences with this supp? Would anyone have any additional advice as far as things to stack with it? Thanks in advance for any help.


PS. (I’m about 15% bf and am looking to gain 10 lbs of lbm and then cutting my bf down to 10%)

I went through 2 bottles of the new Methoxy-7 and the only thing I noticed was my veins were more pronouced. Maybe a little bit of strength gain, but not what I was expecting. That said, every other Biotest product I have tried worked great. When I was using Methoxy-7 I also tried to get other people to chime in on their experiences with it and never got much of a response. Hope someone else can chime in here also.

Methoxy-7 is my all-time favorite supplement and it has has a loyal following on T-Nation.

However, it’s been discussed a bunch in the past (positively) and the new products that Biotest is releasing have everyone’s attention now.


What gave you insomnia? Tribulus? Tongkat ali? Just asking 'cause I get that problem myself from some supplements…thanks.

I hope Methoxy-7 is worth it, I have a bottle sitting here with my name on it, and as soon as the MAG-10 bottle is finished in 7 days, i am on to the hopeful greatness of Methox-7.

Never tried it personally tho, will be tag teamed with HOT-ROX for about 10 days or so as well.


Methoxy-7 is one of my favorite Biotest supplements! I find that it hardens me up, and even makes me a little veiny.

My wife and I both swear by Methoxy-7. It has a noticable hardening effect. Since there’s really no PH for females, Methoxy-7 is as close as shacan get. She stacks it with HOT-ROX and loves it.

I am currently on Methoxy-7(2caps per dose and Maximum Strength HOT-ROX (3caps per dose). I feel much better but that may be because my diet is in much better shape than it was even just 2 weeks ago. I’m currently on the 6th day of stacking them. To be honest the HOT-ROX aren’t quite what I was expecting. My previous bout with them gave me more of a warming feeling but maybe I’m just being paranoid due to my current high activity level.


I intend to use methoxy-7 to counteract any catabolic action when I do cardio. I’m planning on taking it about 20 minutes before I start running in the morning on an empty stomach. I’m going to plan on 4x a week for 20 mins. at about 60-70% max heart rate.

Will it still absorb? Will it be activated in time to stay away from being catabolic?

Well little early to give a real review but after just four days on Methoxy-7 for the first time I am seeing results.

I am normally fairly vascular, though they get a little dampened when bulking, like I am now. They are still visible in arm shoulders, legs, and somewhat on my chest but nothing like when I cut down of course.

Well today I noticed that I am VASCULAR as hell and looking a lot more shredded in comparison to just a few day ago. I am still bulking, didnt change diet, training, or any other supplements. Just added the Methoxy-7. So I say for a 4 day reveiw I give it a BIG thumbs up and cant wait to see the longer term results.

If it keeps up this pace and start to shred my FFB ab cover while staying on a bulking diet I will say it it the best damn thing since, well you know. LOL

Well see, I got some HIGH hopes

[quote]csoka wrote:

What gave you insomnia? Tribulus? Tongkat ali? Just asking 'cause I get that problem myself from some supplements…thanks.[/quote]

Thanks for everyone’s responses. As far as my insomnia, I used a product that contained Avena Sativa, Muara Puama, Trimethyglycine, Xanthoparmilia Scabrosa, Urtica dioica and Ashwagandha. I don’t know which ingredient was the main component of my insomnia. I think it might just have been the fact that I tampered with my hormone levels and it threw me off track. It took a good 1.5 - 2 weeks for things to get back to normal after I discontinued use of the product. Sleep fine now.