Methoxy-7 results

I was just wondering how many of you guys have ever used methoxy-7. I know they are coming out with a new version, but if any of you have used it (the old version), please post how you liked it and if it gave you results.

speed, it’s an excellent supp. It’s a partitioning agent and a hardening agent, both. That’s one of the cool things is that you really do notice that your muscles are harder while you’re taking it. Additionally, it is LBM protective. A great supp to take while dieting or bulking, actually.

it is also good to use when your coming off of an androgen cycle.

i used it to preserve lbm while dieting down to fight.

i found it very useful when training hard as it had a positive effect on my conditioning levels also.

biotest did say that it is a healthy supplement.

very good product.


I loved it. I seem to have a propensity toward catabolism. With Methoxy-7, I felt great, lost fat, and gained muscle. In fact, I felt it helped me lose fat better than any other supplement (but I don’t have careful records to support that impression).

The new Methoxy (not yet released) looks to be at least 2 to 3 times as effective as the old, even at minimum dosages. If you liked the old, you’ll really love the new. Maybe I’ll get it on the T-Jack forum and let a few try it out before it’s released. I’ll have to check with Tim.

I have been trying to get the results from the Methoxy Challenge which T-mag sponsored over a year ago and nobody has posted a word! I have used it only 12 days at a time (1 bottle worth) at regular dose. I can’t really say if I liked the product or not. I wanted to try it for longer periods and at a higher dose. This was also the goal of the Methoxy Challenge. I decided to wait for the results from the MC before purchasing more…I am still waiting and decided against it until I see some solid postings.

Chris, I would love to review this if you’re able to do it.

Actually W, plenty of results were posted, but that little challenge was organized poorly, with no dedicated threads, no time limits etc. So feedback trickled in here and there over months.

Plus, many people given several bottles of Methoxy-7 simply never used it or never reported back. (I heard of a couple of them even trying to sell it instead of using it. Scumbags.)

In other words, it was balls up from the beginning. Maybe we’ll do something again for the new Methoxy-7 in the future, only this time there will be some effort put into the organization and selection process.

Sorry for the rant. I just don’t understand why some people would even begin a project if they’re not going to do a good job with it.

I used it two different times. Both times I had good results but the first time on Methoxy was more dramatic than the second, with noticeable improvemnets in appearance and strength.

The second time was not as dramatic, but it could have been due to any one of a whole bunch of other factors.

I noticed nothing from it. I was using it while dieting and gave up after two bottles. I switched back to 4-AD (which is probably my favorite supplement).


Thanks Chris, I was just wondering…I thought it was ashame since BIOTEST sported a lot of Methoxy for the challenge. Thanks again.

I was one of the Methoxy-7 participants. It really worked as I described in a long post. Maybe I can participate in the new Methoxy-7 tests.

I was one of the participants as well, but I just finished using it a couple of months ago due to an injury. I liked the results, similar to what other said: increased recovery, a couple pounds of LBM, I didn’t really lean out any more though. I was fairly lean to start with (8-9%), so I’m not sure I would buy it for that purpose. A good supplement, but to dose at that level would also be quite expensive. I guess with the reformulation and improved potency the price wouldn’t be as much of an issue. Sorry I haven’t posted my results sooner.

I have been taking it for about 2 months. I have definetly noticed it has helped. The one biggest thing is that I personally feel it has helped me put all the calories I eat to good use. I have been consuming 3800-3900 calories a day using an every 2 hr protocol under the massive eating guidelines. Now, I have only gained 1/2" on my stomach and I feel when I am on the Methoxy-7 EC that it really helps you maintain or minimize the fat gain associated with eating that much food. As far as strength and all that goes, it is hard to tell as I am consuming alot of carbohydrates about 1 hr before my workouts so I have a full tank of gas so to speak. I can probably say that it has helped me go from 180pds to 197 pds in 10 weeks. The reason I say it is hard to tell is that I am also taking Tribex at the doses on the bottle in a 5 day on 2 day of cycle and M under the same cycle. I was using Creatine with Ribose and Phosporus but ran out and did not replenish. SO… I can’t say exactly what the singular effects of the Methoxy is.

The one thing as TT said though is that your muscles are rock hard. It seriously feels like your muscles are flexed all day long and when you do flex them they are unreal pumped. As to the benefits of this, I could make a very uneducated guess and say that the increase in hardness and I am assuming blood flow to the muscles means that all the nutrients I eat every 2 hrs are being taken in better due to the increase pumps. Now this is only speculation, I can’t guess at the scientific benefits of a hardening agent? Maybe someone with that background can help.

Here are the downfalls.

The cost… My one pet-peeve with this supplement (and I am taking the older liquid form currently not sold) is that it only lasts for 12 days. Most training programs run a month or 3 weeks. Now… this has you running to the supplyer often and it can get quite expensive. I pay roughly 50 dollars for a bottle not including shipping.

So it can get costly.
I am hoping that the new Methoxy will come with more in the bottle to last longer. I don’t care if its 100 dollars if it lasts the whole month.

If you hold it for too long in your mouth it sometimes burns the tip of your tongue. Also, if you drink Milk after I find it burns your throat slightly. I am not sure why this is, but since I take one serving in the morning and have a cup of skim milk with my eggs and oatmeal, I feel a slight burn.

It can be difficult to administer if it is on a teaspoon. Of course you do not want to spill a drop of this expensive stuff so that can be an issue as well.

Other than that, it tastes great and I personally think it works well.

Last point. Don’t think about buying it, if you don’t eat according to your goals. Supplements are just that: supplements to your diet. Get things in check and then use the tools available.

Hope that helps.


I used (and still use) and was also one of the M-7 participants.

What I discovered is that it works best (for me), double-dosing and doing a 4-day on and 1-day off. I retain the effect much better and notice improved hardness and some LBM gains.