Methoxy-7 Question

Would the cycling of Methoxy-7 be recommended? After all, Biotest did say it is anabolic so I am assuming they are refering to anabolic steroids! Okay, seriously, by cycling I am asking if results from Methoxy-7 would be better if I used it for, let’s say, a month and then went off for a month, and then back again? Or does Methoxy-7 have a very small diminished returns rate, in which case I should just use it all the time? Also, I am planning on doing Meltdown Training in three months. Should I start Methoxy-7 now or would I be better off starting it in conjunction with Meltdown Training. Thank you all.

Yes, they said it was anabolic. What you appearantly didn’t notice is that it achieves this anabolic state through non-hormonal means, and therefore does not need to be cycled.

Solidsnake, you apparently didn’t notice that I was joking about the “anabolic” thing. I am asking if it would be more optimum to cycle Methoxy-7. Not for safety reasons. Not because it achieves its anabolic state through hormonal means. But to avoid the Law of Diminished Returns. There are supplements that are ‘forever’ supplements, like vitamins and minerals. Others, like creatine, might be (or might not be) more beneficial to use for a period of time and then followed by a period of non-use, to avoid the Law of Diminished Returns. This doesn’t mean that the people who cycle creatine do so because they believe it has hormonal properties. Reread my original post.

Safety wise, I have yet to see any information to recommend a reason to cycle. On the other hand, it may become less effective if used over long periods of time, but one must look at the mechanism by which a substance acts to determine whether or not its effectiveness will improve with cycling. Finally, financially, I can’t afford to use Methoxy-7 all the time. Methoxy-7 happens to be one of the supps that I am least familiar with and your post has piqued my curiosity. Time to do a little reading and research on how Methoxy-7 actually exerts its anabolic powers.

if you can afford to use it all the time, do it! the type of things that tend to be less effective over time are things that are subject to the bodys feedback loops, whether that be thyroid,HPTA, things like that. receptor site attenuation. you cant apply that to everything. otherwise you would have to cycle your multi vitamin tablets.

hey jason, i just ordered some methoxy-7 to stack with my remaining supply of md6…from what i’ve read on the forums and the biotest website, it seems ideal for anyone pposting in the gettin ripped support group…i’ll let you know how it works out…

Be careful with that stuff. You might want to drink the whole bottle after you taste it. I just started using Methoxy-7 on Sunday and I agree that it is a great addition to a cutting cycle specifically when used in between androgen cycles.