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Methoxy 7 or Androsol?

I hear so much talk about Androsol. What about methoxy 7? Has anyone used methoxy 7? What kind of results at about 800mg(4 servings) per day? Wouln’t it be better than androsol since it doesn’t have to be cycled? thanks for any info!

I’d go for Androsol if you’re only going to buy one thing. I put on 7 pounds my first cycle and kept 5 of it. I like Methoxy-7 better for a dieting stage. I think it keeps me from losing muscle when cutting up. I personally cycle the two, but I’d probably use them together if I could afford it.

By the way, Methoxy-7 makes my wife horny. I don’t really understand why, but I’m not complaining either!

I agree that methoxy-7 is better when dieting while Androsol would be better for bulking .