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Methoxy-7 or Alpha Male?


I want some anabolic help while cutting. Which do you guys think is best? I think I am going to run one concurrently Carbolin 19 and see what happens. I know people say Alpha Male works best for those with lower T, I am 20 so it should be high, but i also have symptoms of low T (pubecent gyno, difficulty losing weight, putting on lbm) so it may be helpful. Thank you for any input.


I personally don't really think Methoxy-7 is all that great. It might help a little but it isnt going to be like "Wow! It's a good thing I started taking that supp!"


Methoxy-7 is described as having a "hardening" or "tightening" effect. This is different from an "anabolic" effect. I am guessing it would work best with someone who has lots of muscle and wants to, in effect, put some "polish" on his physique.

If you can afford the supps, maybe a bottle of Alpha Male is worth trying. The estrogen-blocking ingredient could help with the "low T" symptoms you describe. Give it a month (one bottle), and then give Carbolin 19 a month and see how you like it.

Good luck.


Personaly I was very happy last summer with Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7. Seemed to be some synergy working there.


I personally don't think a 20 year old should be spending his money on Alpha Male unless he has been medically found to be in the lower test range. The 'symptoms' you describe could be low test or just a bad diet and poor workout.

Without knowing a lot more and rec. is pretty ridiculous.

'Anabolic" help with cutting is HOT-ROX. It may help retain lbm with lower calories. Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7 may also help, but I would stick with HOT-ROX to start. Or, you could just eat and workout properly and see what works for you.