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methoxy-7, just for the taste

Has anyone experimented with different dosages and timing of methoxy-7 (I know about the methoxy challenge)? I was thinking about taking it with every meal (one teaspoon 7X a day). Kinda weird huh? My reasoning is two fold. Because of it’s protein synthesis/bodybuilders higher protein diet & its exceptionally sweet taste. I actually crave the taste of it on a carb restricted diet. Kinda strange isn’t it. Hey, it’s either methoxy-7 or chocolate. Also, I’m assuming a much more even level of it circulating during waking hours. Along with food consumption I’d expect good results. What do you all think?

Sounds like a good plan and i’m sure it would work well for you but I have to wonder about using it to satisfy sweet cravings. I find for most people, once they get a “little” taste of something sweet this just stimulates even more cravings. For some that really struggle in this area the one thing that really helps is the removal of ALL things even remotely sweet…fruits, artificial sweeteners, protein powder, etc.

Are you a millionare? :slight_smile:

But, see the removal of all things sweet would include methoxy-7. I’m using that right now and possibly through the spring. I wish I was a millionare. I wish I had a lifetime supply. :slight_smile:

Since we are talking Methoxy-7…how do I use it in conjunction with the Mag-10 usage? Do I take it during the Mag-10 cycle or after?

Me too :slight_smile: I love Methoxy-7 but even at a single dose it costs over $100 a month. I can’t afford a double dose.