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Methoxy-7 Guidelines for Challenge Participants

For those that are participating in the Methoxy-7

The dosing is 13.3 mL three times per day, or 20 mL twice per day. These work out to essentially the same total amount per day. You can choose either method, or hopefully you can test both methods in a way explained below.

These doses work out to 2 1/4 (two and a quarter) capfuls three times per day, or 3 1/3 capfuls two times per day.

If you will be able to test both methods, please do so in alternating blocks of three weeks. For example, three weeks at 20 mL 2x/day, then three weeks at 13.3 mL 3x/day, then back again, etc. At the end of 12 weeks, you'll have tried each protocol for two blocks of three weeks, and can let us know whether there seems to be a difference. This is important. If there's an added benefit to 3x/day, we don't want people to miss that; but if there's no added benefit, then we don't want to recommend that.

But if only one of these methods is suitable for you personally, this is OK: you will still be able to evaluate the most important thing: how well Methoxy-7 works at this total amount per day.

Androgen (prohormone) products can't be used during the test. This definitely includes MAG-10, 4-AD-EC, and Androsol.

Supplement products that you routinely use can continue to be used. But new products, or ones you don't ordinarily use, should not be taken, otherwise it would be difficult to tell what may be attributable to Methoxy-7, and what may have been provided by the other supplement.

Training and dietary methods must be familiar ones, so that you can clearly tell what the Methoxy-7 is doing instead of wondering how to account for whatever effect the new diet or training may have had.

So while you may be itching to try the great ideas in the new "Dave Zlebotnik" article on Hindustani Power Training, or the "Fat Fast" may be appealing, this isn't the time to try them out, nor is it the time to try some new diet. On the other hand, if they're already staples of your training, go ahead and use them.

It is a sacrifice to be unable to try new diets or training methods during these 12 weeks, and we really appreciate your staying only with tried methods -- the only way to get valid results from the test.

It's not necessary to start the program immediately -- if for some reason it works better for you to begin a few weeks from now, that's fine, but hopefully most can begin within the next couple of weeks.

On receiving the bottle but well before the first dose, please shake very thoroughly. If this isn't done, some active compound may remain at the bottom of the bottle and you may wind up underdosing badly.

Prior to taking each dose, gently invert the bottle several times, turning it between rightside-up and upside-down. Don't shake vigorously for these doses, so as to not introduce air bubbles. Actually, this advice applies to anyone using Methoxy-7. It's more important with the new emulsion than with the old one.

A webpage will need to be put together to compile results and so forth, but it's not necessary to be recording results each week and so forth. However, making a record of your starting condition is important. Thanks!

Everything there sounds great. but, i don’t understand the conflicting doses. The bottle says 2 capfulls is 10 ml. so I figured that it would take 4 for 20ml., not 3-1/3. I wish methoxy came with a scooper like MAG-10 does. Is it correct then that 20ml/day is the standard dose and 40ml/day is the 12 week test dose ??

The current label doesn’t say anything about capfuls, actually, but rather says teaspoons. A teaspoon is 5.0 mL, while the capful is 6.0 mL. A problem with teaspoons is that experience shows that a large percentage of users, including very intelligent people, wind up getting a wrong volume, often grossly wrong, using something they think is a teaspoon.

The standard dosing (current label recommendation) is 750 mg of active compound per day, and the dosing being tested
is twice this. Currently that means 40 mL per day.

So it’s as you said in terms of mL.

At the current concentration, it requires
these odd numbers of capfuls (2 1/4 or 3 1/3)
to provide these amounts. We plan to
increase the concentration of Methoxy-7
slightly so that dosing would be exactly two or three capfuls while providing the same amount.

But for the test, to get these amounts the odd measurements are needed.

I’ve used a 5ml measuring “teaspoon” in the past, and will probably continue to do so… thanks !!

I’m going to start on the 30th of December, a Monday. I’ll weigh myself and perhaps take a pic or two. By the way, does anyone know where I could find a plastic liquid dispenser? In mL? (a pharmacy?) I think this would make the dosing more accurate. Your thoughts Bill? Thanks again Bill for this awesome opportunity.

The best thing to do is spend a few dollars and get a oral syringe. This is the only way that I take the liquids. I will be wasting my methoxy with freakin spoon.

Thanks for the guidelines Bill. Pretty straight-forward for the most part. My shipment just arrived and I’m looking forward to this experiment. It’s just about time to get this party started!!!

Bill, I know I was selected and i am pumped to start, but i have not yet received an email about anything yet…just checking to see if I am still a part of the study. Thanks. JD

JD, you should have gotten an e-mail at jd*8@aol.com, and should have gotten or soon should get your package at the O** L
address you gave. Hopefully there’s no problem – you are on the list!

Is there a certain time we should take the methoxy? Like for the two a days, right when we wake up, and right before we go to bed? For the three times, should you wait the 8 hours like th bottle suggests, because that might be kind of difficult. Thanks

My guess would be that the time of day taken does not matter much. What matters is that time between doses be as equal as possible. Maybe for the 3x/day cycle it might be possible (for those of you who do this) take the the Methoxy w/ your middle-of-the-night shake. Then work out the rest of your dosing times accordingly.

So then the question is, is it ok to mix the Methoxy-7 with a shake and let it sit for a few hours?

JD, I made an error for which I apologize. I knew that a “JD” had been selected, and so I opened “the file” and on finding a JD which as it happens was your entry, provided you with the e-mail and address I saw there, in case there were a matter of e-mail or address changing and this was why you had not received anything.

However, I made an error: I opened the original file of all entrants. This file had two different registrants giving the username JD. It was the other JD, who lives in Georgia, who won.

I felt this would be very disappointing to you as understandably on seeing your username among the list of winners, it would never occur that it was another JD. So I wanted to add you in on a special basis. However it turns out that you have been banned from ever buying from Biotest online again, due to a pattern of abuses with return after return after return of product you’d used up, and furthermore, after being banned, using your mother as a front for orders and then returning THOSE for refund after using them, too: and so I’m just not inclined to give you that special consideration. It was a different JD that won. That’s a fact.

And although I’d want to make up for my error in posting simply “JD” as the winner when I should have anticipated there might be duplication, checked for that, and in this case posted “JD in Georgia,” or for my error last night, given your track history in using Biotest products, claiming dissatisfaction, getting refunds, and then ordering and using again and repeating the process over and over, the answer is no.

Brent, as D-Rock says, the timing should not matter, as levels, especially with the 3x/day dosing, should be quite consistent throughout all 24 hours of the day. At 2x/day, the blood work we had done showed some decline between 9 and 12 hours, though level at 12 hours was still quite significant, but I can’t predict what particular 3 hour periods it might have the least effect to be a little low on, and also think it probably would make little difference: anabolism and catabolism are 24 hour processes. If you did feel better about timing 2x/day dosing, expect peak at about 5 hours.

D-Rock, I wouldn’t add to any other liquid and then allow a number of hours to pass, because it’s possible that might change absorption. Adding to a liquid immediately
before consuming should make no difference, though.

Bill, quite an excellent exapmle of OWNing. Good work researching.

MBE: “Hittin’ it while Ownin’ since 1906.”


Why don’t you include a Rugby player in the challenge to see the effects it has on somebody in a demanding physical and cardiovascular sport (wink wink, nudge nudge)…Please

JD, you are soooo busted! LOL

Back in school we called that getting PUNKED. JD has been deservingly punked! Good catch, Bill!

JD’s been a bad boy.

Hi Bill,

Got my Methoxy through on Friday, started taking it Saturday. I took photos and measurements beforehand too.


Mine arrived on Friday. I start on 12/23. The dosing syringe is ready!!