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Methoxy-7 Guidelines for Challenge Participants


For those that are participating in the Methoxy-7

The dosing is 13.3 mL three times per day, or
20 mL twice per day. These work out to essentially the same total amount per day. You can choose either
method, or hopefully you can test both methods in a
way explained below.

These doses work out to 2 1/4 (two and a quarter)
capfuls three times per day, or 3 1/3 capfuls
two times per day.

If you will be able to test both methods, please
do so in alternating blocks of three weeks. For
example, three weeks at 20 mL 2x/day, then three
weeks at 13.3 mL 3x/day, then back again, etc.
At the end of 12 weeks, you'll have tried each
protocol for two blocks of three weeks, and
can let us know whether there seems to be a
difference. This is important. If there's an
added benefit to 3x/day, we don't want people
to miss that; but if there's no added benefit,
then we don't want to recommend that.

But if only one of these methods is suitable
for you personally, this is OK: you will still
be able to evaluate the most important thing:
how well Methoxy-7 works at this total amount
per day.

A webpage will need to be put together to compile
results and so forth, but it's not necessary to be
recording results each week and so forth.

Training and nutrition are according to everyone's own plans, but should be plans that are familiar and predictable. Androgen (prohormone) supplements should not be used. Other supplements are OK if they already are routinely used and so their effects are already accounted for. But adding something new that might have an effect should not be done, because then it would not be possible to know what Methoxy-7 was doing, vs. whether the other supplement was doing it.