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Methoxy-7 Guidelines for Challenge Participants

Jeez, talk about a screwup! :frowning: I thought everyone was going to be sent a scoop, one
of the ones included with MAG-10.

That not being the case, the intended
dosing is 13.3 mL three times per day,
or 20 mL twice per day.

Oral medication syringes are available
free at Eckerd’s and would be an ideal
way to go.

Alternately it seems that the capfuls are
about 6.0 mL each, so in the meantime, 2 1/4 capfuls 3x/day, or 3.3 capfuls 2x/day, would be the doses.

I’ll discuss with Tim whether we want to increase the concentration of Methoxy-7 slightly so that precisely 2 or 3 capfuls
would be needed to give these doses; or whether the test should be adjusted downwards slightly to the actual cap size and current concentration (90% as high a dose) but for now please use the originally planned amount.

I apologize for this screwup. Other than
the fact that I doubt Eckerd’s will give
me 58 syringes for free, nor do they offer
them for sale, I’d send them out myself
to all of you today! Well, good intentions
without action really doesn’t help, but I do apologize for your having to go to such trouble.