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Is it okay for teenagers to use Methoxy-7???

it depends on what you mean by teen. if you are 13 or 14 and just starting to train, i’d say no. don’t waste your money. you are still growing and the first few years you train you dont need stuff like that. just eat and eat and eat and train and then eat some more. if you are 17 or older and have been training for a while (more than a few years), i’d say it is probably fine. of all the supplements out there that is probably a better choice. you probably dont need any t-boosting supplement since you probably have a buttload of t running through you allready. don’t expect the methoxy to make up for crappy diet or training though. thats the main problem that most teens have when it comes to taking supplements. to answer your actual question though of whether it is ok to take, i don’t think it would be detremental to a younger teen, just not as beneficial. i’m not sure about that though. maybe bill could answer that. also, if i were you i would wait for the new methoxy to come out or at least do as bill reccomended of taking it in lots of smaller doses instead of 2 big doses throughout the day.