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Methoxy-7 Experiences?

I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me about their experience(s) with Methoxy-7. Did u gain muscle? Lose fat? Both? Neither? You see, i live in Canada and the supp is mad expensive so i’d like a little feedback b4 i purchase. Thanx

For me it is an AWESOME visual supplement which is Great during High BF% level of bulking. It makes you more vascular and cut loopking while still carrying more BF.

That is the main benefit I see. It really helps mentally that way and hey the mind when happy with what it sees can accheive amazing things. Motivation is GREAT

I think it’s also a great supplment when leaning out. Both for maintaining muscle and recovery and also aesthetically. It really showcases low levels of bodyfat and improves appearance.

Haven’t tried Methoxy-7, but have used another Methoxy based product. I loved it, deff. helped build me up after i dropped a bunch of weight years ago.