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Methoxy-7 During Maintanance

Ok, I know this has probably been addressed before in the forum, but I have not seen it. Currently I and on some type of an anabolic diet. I weigh 210 and am right now at about 15% BF. When I say some type of anabolic diet, what I mean is I eat around 3500 cals a day, pretty much all F & P, except for about 60 carbs post workout. I average about 90 g of carbs per day. Know I also do not let carb cravings drive me nuts, so when I get a carb carving, I EAT SOME. In the past, not giving into the carb craving has just lead to eating a box of donuts or something of the sort, so when I want them, I have them. So I think my diet is pretty much in line. I never TRY to build mass, I just say this is what I?m gonna eat, lets see what happens.
My question pertains to Methoxy-7. I just bought 2 bottles of it and am planning on adding into my supplementation on Mon. I know many of you have had success with it while cutting, but has anyone seen any muscle gains from it while not cutting?