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methoxy 7 double dose question?

i am about to start doing double doses of methoxy for 3 months, 1 question,…i read that you could either do 1.5 scoops 3 x day, or 2.5 scoops in the morning and 2 at night,…what is a scoop??? and am i just taking in 40 ml a day instead of 20 as suggested, could be a very simple question, just making sure, under or over dosing could really mess things up,


I think at one time Bill Roberts was using the word scoop because he thought Methoxy came with one like the Biotest prohormone products. Anyway, an oral syringe, purchased at any drug store or grocery store, is ideal. I’ll never go back to a spoon.

Yes, that was the problem. Taking 20 mL twice per day (40 mL total) is exactly it. As TEK
said, the best way is with an oral medication syringe, which at least some Eckerd’s will give away for free, and where it is for sale, is not more than a couple of dollars or so.

Another way is to use the Methoxy-7 cap as a measuring device: since it is 6 mL, 20 mL is three and a third capfuls.

A true tablespoon plus a true teaspoon would
also be correct. Problem is, when tablespoon and teaspoon measurements are used, people too often use table implements giving entirely different measures.