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Methoxy 7 dosages

Ok, first off I want to say that this site and all that it has to offer is an absolute miracle to internet information, talk about a goldmine!

Now that I’m done stroking egos and giving props. I was wondering if there is any credibility to thinking that the amount of Methoxy 7 a person takes could be related to the composition of the person taking it. I read that the recommended dose is what has been shown to be most effective in Biotest’s studies. But myself and my fiance` are both taking this supplement and I weigh in at 197 while she’s only 120. It seems logical to think that our doses wouldn’t be equivalent. Being that we’re on a college budget, if we could reduce her intake everyday without sacrificing effectiveness that would help our supply last a bit longer. Thanks for your help.


Try calling Biotest Customer Service. They’re really the ones to answer this type of Q.