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Methoxy-7 Dosage

Is anyone in the forum taking more than 4 teaspoons per day (more than 2 servings)? If so are you seeing any better results?

I think others posted that better results were being seen with three doses of one tablespoon.

3 doses @ 1TBSP per dose gets pretty expensive for a month. Has anyone experienced noticable gains from this protocol? If so what were the gains - fat loss, muscle gain, strength gain?

I have been wanting to know about this as well.

The new version of Methoxy, called Hydroxy-7, should take care of this question, meaning you won’t need to take more to see better results. BTW, women seem to do just fine by following current label recommendations. For me, I like 3 tablespoons per day.

Check Tim’s BTS column for info on Hydroxy-7.

Do I have to keep it under my tongue for 30 - 60 seconds? I have two perfectly good bottles just sitting on my shelf because I can’t handle the taste. If I could just gulp it and then drink something really quick it would be easier.

The taste is actually pretty good compared to how it tasted before the flavoring guys got a hold of it, but still, that’s a individual thing. No, you don’t have to hold it under your tongue, though it does get some of it into your system faster. You can even mix it with your protein shakes if you want.

Thanks Chris, I’ll start using it again today :slight_smile:

I love Methoxy-7 - it is my all-time fave supplement. Since I live in Australia, I don’t have great access to decent supps. Consequently, I haven’t had exposure to many good ones, and rarely buy any at all these days (b/c the ones I can get are dodgy!). Recently I found out that it was possible for us Aussies to get Methoxy-7 & Tribex 500. Haven’t looked back since! I’ve been cutting, and Methoxy’s ability to preserve my lean mass has been amazing, especially at really low calorie levels! The fat is falling off :slight_smile:

More on-topic now... I always thought the protocol of leaving the liquid under your tongue was strange. I've been doing it, nonetheless, but won't bother if it doesn't have any huge advantages.

ironbabe - I haven't a problem with its taste. I doesn't taste great, but for what it is, the stuff tastes good enough!