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methoxy 7 dosage for women

Hey all–I am starting Fat Fast, taking MD6 and methoxy 7…i did a forum search, but couldnt find if women should take a different dosage of methoxy 7 than what is reccomended. is it the same/more/less?

It might be that there is a different amount that represents the most effective dose where taking yet more wouldn’t help further, or an amount that gives a more effective cost/benefit ratio depending on how one weighs cost and benefit; but if so it isn’t known. I would just use the same.

Both men and women can use the same dose for Methoxy-7. I am actually taking 3 tsp 2x a day. Also, Biotest is starting an experiment to see the affect of increasing the does of Methoxy-7. I for one am really liking the increased dose. My strength has really jumped and I have noticed decrease in body fat. I attribute some of the results to Methoxy-7 and also Myostat which I have been taking for 8 months.