methoxy 7 diet

I just ordered some of the new methoxy 7, and am curious as to what diet protocol to follow.
If I am wanting to gain a modest amount of muscle, but focus on fat loss, what sort of ratios should i follow?

I’ve been taking Methoxy stacked with MD6 for about a week now. My diet is basically high protein low carb as described in most of the diet forums. My caloric intake is around 500 below maintenance levels. I’ve bee on the diet for approximately 6 weeks, initially I cut calories too low and subsequently had low energy levels and lost no fat. The MD6 effect is obvious, super energy boost for workout, etc. Jury is still out on the Methoxy7, what I have noticed so far is a definite increase in muscle hardness, as in rock hard, continuously it seems. I’m hoping with the caloric adjustments I’ll see increased fat loss.
Good luck. I’d be interested to see what effect you get from the Methoxy.