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Methoxy-7 Challenge results

So how about some progress reports from those doubling the dosage of their Methoxy-7!!

Haven’t begun yet. Waiting til after the holidays. Will post results at end of trial in March.

Started today. Maybe in a week or so I will have some reportable results.

I thought I was part of the challenge but never received anything. Oh well,what can you do?

I started the day after it arrived, a week and half ago. So I don’t imagine anyone has any solid long-term results yet, at least those in the challenge.

The one short-term thing that shows promis is that during the first week, even after some brutal workouts… I have not been getting sore. We’ll see if this holds true for the remainder or if it was just an anomoly. This would lead one to think my recovery has been enhanced. Ten and a half weeks left, time will tell.

I’m starting next week. Standby for results after that.

Now on day 5. The first day I felt absolutely FLAT! No pump and what a drag that training day was. Day 2 and I was as strong as an ox (with minimal sleep the night before). I felt like I could have moved mountains. Training has been strong since then. The stuff tastes great too!

Day 10, no significant changes to speak of.

1 week - so far nothing noticeable but it’s only one week. I don’t expect anything noticeable until about week 3 or 4.

Just finished my first bottle. Already: better recovery/less soreness; a bit leaner, more defined; better pumps. I can’t wait to see myself in about 11 weeks! If anyone ever got a glimpse of what the double-dose can do prior to this Challenge, then you too would be stoked to know that you could do it 3 months! I have high expectations, in case you didn’t notice. Thanks Biotest.

Will be starting Jan 03…

It’s a lot better with the extra dosage. My arms and chest are much leaner. It has been a month now. Will provide a better update after 3 months.