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Methoxy-7 Challenge Report/Results

Well, I guess I’m the first to do this thang, so here goes.

First off, thanks so much to Biotest, especially to the two generous saints known as Tim Patterson and Bill Roberts. I simply threw up a tiny post of how Methoxy at an increased dose greatly increased it’s benefits. Bill heard my thread and within a couple of months a few fortunate T-men and womem were chosen to test out a double-dose of Methoxy-7 for 12 weeks. Oh yeah, and for FREE! Biotest is an amazing and unique corporation. Hence, the loyalty of the forum.

I finshed the challenge two weeks ago and started just before Christmas. I must have overdosed a bit, as I finished about a week and a half too early. My apologies. I did use a legit teaspoon, so I can’t figure where I went wrong. I also stayed with a static 4 teaspoons in the morning and another 4 before bed throughout the twelve weeks (as some divided it up into thirds).


Methoxy-7 is an amazing compound. I suspect many on the board have either dismissed it’s effectiveness or even haven’t heard of the stuff.

If there is one thing it most surely will do, and all the more so at a doub-dose, it will drastically improve your overall body composition (fat-muscle ratio). So, with the recent thread I’ve seen titled “Can I gain muscle while losing fat?”(or something like that), I would say that you most surely can while on a double dose of Biotest’s Methoxy-7. In fact, I did and at a much greater and impressive rate than with the single servings. My body weight went up about 3 pounds during the challenge and I concurrently lost about 1-2% BF (so says the Tanita, consitantly; take that with a grain of salt). However, I SAW the results over time in the mirror with my own eyes. Nothing changed either. Maintenance calories.

Secondly, another great benefit from Methoxy is the reduction, or total elimination in some sessions, of DOMS (muscle soreness). So, for something like EDT, I believe a double dose of Methoxy would be almost required.

Thirdly, I noticed a quick enhancment in my cardiovascular endurance, especially during HIIT sessions. So Methoxy also might be an option for athletes.

Fourth, my strength also shot up after about three weeks on the challenge. Common increments in my compounds were anywhere from 5-15 pds.

Lastly, Methoxy-7 at a double dose yields amazing pumps! “Flat” workouts were few and far between during the challenge. Likewise, when not training it felt as though my muscles were fuller and denser.


Methoxy-7 is my all time favorite muscle building sup! It’s perfect for ANY situation and it’s totally safe, never requiring cycling and can be used by females as well. However, it’s greatest strength is for cutting diets, in my opinion. Experts claim it lowers cortisol levels and increases protein synthesis: that’s anabolism in a nutshell! So, if your looking to hold onto your gains when dieting, or even when coming off an AAS cycle (see Tren-Freak), Methoxy-7 @ the d-d is the way to go.

So, with the summer months coming and the waist line bulging (for many of us, that is), Methoxy-7 at a double dose would make for an ultimate stack with the new Hot-Rox!

The only drawback, of course, is the price. Right now, that is. I assume the whole point of this was to reaccess the label recs of Methoxy. So maybe in the future we consumers can look for a higher concentration or a lower price.

Thanks again Biotest for the great results!

very very cool Pooh Bear thanks for the results I might consider it now plus I love the taste…!!! MMMMMMMMMM


for bill roberts:

any deals on purchasing methoxy? i wanted to buy some back in dec/jan but needed the loot for xmas. i’m reaaly interested but the price is way too high.

Poohbaya, I’m glad you had results you’re so happy with!

Yes, if the general results once more are in are highly favorable, the label recommendation will be changed to the higher dose and everything possible will be done to make it more affordable.

Methoxy-7 is kind of like the Androsol of non-prohormones, but even more so. If I can say so myself, I thought Androsol was a super product. But it never sold very much at all really, believe it or not. (A very very small percentage of the prohormone market.) That’s even moreso for Methoxy-7. A great product in a different way – no, not as dramatic and fast gains, but more useable over time and by more people – but with even fewer people realizing it.

Bill, a moment of your time and effort if you will. I consider Methoxy my favorite Biotest supplement and have been double dosing for about 7 weeks now. I have found, interestingly, that when I use a 5 day on/2 days off split that I feel harder and more dense. Is there any biochemical explanation for this occurance when in the “interrupted” stage? Thanks.

MBE: “Actually asking a legitimate question. And feeling oh-so-dirty. Flamingo Fucker. Ahhhhhhhh. All better. Since 1033.”

Just opened my last bottle and wanted to contribute to this thread by giving my results thus far. I also want to thank Biotest for this challenge. I am 51 and started with bodyweight of 205 @ 12% bf. After 11 weeks I am now 196 with 9% bf and have definitely reaped the rewards of the double dose challenge. After three weeks I noticed strength increases to just about all my lifts and like Poohbaya stated, my body composition (fat/muscle ratio) has also changed. In the past 11 weeks my squat has improved from 375 to 395, deadlift from 405 to 420. Kinda sorry to see my supply run dry. Looking forward to a week off.

Thanks again.

I appreciate these reports. But does any of this really prove that that double servings are advantageous over regular dosages? Shouldn’t challenge participants do a second, twelve-week cycle with regular dosages and compare the two cycles? (Ofcourse, this would mean Biotest would have to give away. more Methoxy.)

BILL- I have been suffering with sex-drive problems for a long time, and I’m only 26 years old. However, I used only the regular dose of Methoxy-7, and I felt way better than I EVER had. Do you think there are any effects of Methoxy-7 has that somehow could have benifited my problem? I would really like to know what is wrong with me.

Bill, that’s great to hear. Maybe when Biotest’s reformulates the Methoxy, they could look into some other safe flavones or non-horomonal anabolic compounds to stack with the Methoxy? Then, you could push it as a new product and maybe increase sales and recognition for Methoxy.

Fult, I had used the regular dosing on Methoxy for over 2 years. The results were good. Not great. When I started playing with the dose a bit, I quicky found out just how pwerful the stuff is. Try is for yourself and find out.

VCreed, I would guess because of it’s cortisol lowering effects. This stress horomone has a profound effect on most every physiological action.

I hate to be the wet blanket but I found that double dosing gave me the same results as single dosing…nada. However, I have had great results with Tribex, M, Mag10 and Myostat. 4 out of 5 isn’t shabby.


I’m halfway through my first bottle of Methoxy and have great faith in its capabilities and realize that tangible results will take time.

After reading this thread, however, I wonder about the recommended dose being universal. I’m a 127 lb. woman; would a double dose be too much for someone my size?

Inquiry: While one the 12 week challenge, was anyone on a thermogen?

Bill- Could I safely stack Hot Rox with a double dose of Methoxy? and if so for how long?

poohbaya- Yeah, that was one of the things I suspected could be it too. Figured I’d ask Bill to see what he thought. If that’s the case, I must have a abnormal cortisol problem, since I only workout 3 times a week, and use Surge after workouts, and use Tribex 500. I wonder if the double dose would work even better for me.

For those concerned about the dosing, when I first started experimenting, I only bumped it up to 6 teaspons a day (1.5 times the daily dose) and I still had increased results from the 4/day. This is the very reason that I played with even 10ts/day. However, I found that 8 was a cutoff in terms of benefits. So for women and the finacially strapped, I think 6/day would be a worthwhile investment. In fact, I meant to mention this in the original thread.

12 week report on Methoxy 7:

Prior to beginning this double-dose experiment, I had been Mag-10/Tribex500,M cycling for a period of 12 weeks. This 12 week cycle produced an increase in weight of 18 pounds. Very impressive with app. 6 pounds of this being fat.

So one of my objectives was to see just how much lean mass I could retain on Methoxy 7 while I took off the fat that I had put on.

At the beginning of Methoxy 7 I stood at 14% body fat.
After 12 weeks of double dosing I finished at 12%. My calories were dropped during this period as well so I expected to lose a few pounds (as I lost 12 pounds).
The most interesting thing that I noticed while taking Methoxy 7 was the hardness of the muscles. The muscles felt full and “charged” throughout the 12 week period.

There were absolutely zero side-effects to report.

All in all, I’m not really sure I could say that it helped me to retain much of my Mag 10 gains but I did like the way it made my muscles feel. I have tried Methoxy in the past and a single dose did nothing at all for me.

List of Biotest favs:

  1. Mag 10~hands down the undisputed champ!!!
  2. Tribex 500~ Keep the T-levels percolating for peak performance.
  3. M~ A must for keeping estrogen levels down.
  4. Low-Carb Grow~The best tasting, highest quality protein on the market today.

A HUGE thanks to Biotest for allowing me the opportunity to participate in this study.
Biotest rules!!!

I’m on week 8 of the challange. Bench went up 30 lbs, split snatch 15 lbs, and squat 20, this is doing my maintainance routine (CPT) with “instinctive eating” no body fat loss (12-13%) but large increase in mussle mass. I’m waiting for the end of the test to report all results but so far so good. Due to lifestyle I have been taking two doses a day (never switched to three) the gains snuck up on me. I use CPT as a maintainance program so I’m on the program when I’m not in the fat burning mode or the Westside strength mode. I max test the three core exercises every month. Since I’m 40 YO I have not noticed dramatic gains, like these, in years. Next step Hot Rox and fat burning, then may be Ian King’s 12 weeks to Super Strength!


For fat loss, it doesn’t appear that double dosing Methoxy is that great (from results posted so far). If people are only making a 1-3 percent change in bodyfat, I don’t see how great the product is for the cost. The reason I say this is because with proper diet and training alone, you could easily drop that much bodyfat (and more) and not spend all the money in your wallet to do so.

Maybe Methoxy is best for those who have already hit a plateau in fat loss, but with Hot Roxx, you guys are talking about dropping bodyfat quickly, and it would be cheaper than Methoxy.

So does Methoxy have other benefits in addition to fat loss that make it more beneficial? Mass gain? Muscle hardening, etc? And will these other effects work for everyone or only a few?

Just a thought.


Nate: I’ve never considered Methoxy as a fatloss supplement. There is a significant degree of muscle hardening (that I’ve noticed in myself) from Methoxy. So I firmly believe in it’s ability to keep you in a state of positive nitrogen balance. Thereby allowing you to maintain LBM as you diet that fat off.
That is the benefit of Methoxy.
I’ve also noticed huge gains in both strength and LBM since doin the double dosing. Along with these huge gains, have been very, very minimal fat gains.
As I embark on the “Get Ripped” contest, I suspect I’ll be able to maintain my gains while I continue with Methoxy.