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Methoxy-7 & Carbolin 19 Questions

Will one bottle of either one of these do anything for you?

If so, what would be your dosing recommenation if you bought one bottle?

Start at the minimum dose, I had good results with that throughout the time I used it.

I’d recommend saving up and getting at least 2 bottles, but first make sure your diet is good else you probably won’t be happy with the results.

I’d probably go with 2 bottles of Carbolin 19 instead of 1 of each

Yes either will do something. What they are supposed to. The thing is that people expect supps to pack on LBM or cut off fat like steroids or other illegal substances. They wont the problem is and the reason for the recomendation to stay on many supps for longer term to see results is that say a supp helps you put on 2 lbs of LBM, thats hard to see say you take it 3 months and you put on 6-10 that you will notice.

So yes they will do something but you might not really see a HUGE change though its there. Have to judge the performance etc compared to not taking them building size take time food traing sleep and supp can help.


Good to hear your thoughts on this guys. Thanks.