Methoxy-7 & Carbolin 19 Questions

Hey, I have a couple questions about the above listed supplements:

  1. Which would be better for a strict bulking phase?

  2. How, if at all, do the wo work differently from each other? I read both articles and I know they are different, but I guess I’m missin the big picture.

  3. Which offers the best bang for your buck, and if I wanted to test them out, would one month be an adequate test?

  4. Is it the bets to use both at the same time?

Thanks in advance!

Well my friend, I plan to use them both for 2 months straight, normal dosage.

Methoxy-7: Hardens muscles, helps pack on a few pounds of lean mass, while losing a bit of body fat. Normally used during mass gain phases.

Carbolin 19: SLOWLY increases the rate of lean body mass gains while burning fat, increases strength gains, and makes the muscles a bit dense. Used between cycles and phases.

Carbolin 19 is hard to explain, because it has been out for such a short time, and I’ve only been using it for a month. While Methoxy-7 has been around longer so most people know what to expect. Use Methoxy-7 for bulk phases, but use both if you can.

Yes, as the Carbonlin 19 thread says, it is best to use them both at the same time.

I noticed that the Carbolin 19 thread had a chart with a set time frame and test results, such as +9.9lbs of muscle and 4.5 lbs of fat. Is there anything like this for Methoxy?

Also, has anyone tried to ship Methoxy to Canada? I went to SND and they said they dont carry it anymore becasue they had a hard time with the Canadian government.