Methoxy 7 and Tribex 500

Hi, I have some questions
1.are there any side effects when stacking
these 2 supps together?
2.what are the diet recomendations (Eat Big?)
(low carbs?) many bottles must be bought to make decent gains?
4.which biotest products are available in
5.what would be the best way to take them together?
6.can they be taken with creatine and ECA?



  1. No.

    2&3) Depends on your goals.

    4) Write customer service. 5) follow the labels 6) Yes, but why take ECA if your goal is to get bigger? Again, state your goals.

like many, my goal is to get huge
and lean but I am starting out a bit flabby
(subcutaneos flab) after a massive fat and muscle loss (105-65kg) so I figured ECA would might help, I also have good workouts when taking it.
but I supose ECA is useless if I am on high carbs high protein and mod fat.