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methoxy 7 and t2 pro after 4 weeks

ok,thank you for the info.sounds like the main point your both trying to get across is that i would need to keep a food log to accuratly track the changes made by a new supplement.how do i get started on this.is there a web site that gives some assitance on foods/calories/carbs/fats/protein breakdown?i would need something simple that i can plug into the pc to track.at this point i would like to drop my body fat to 10% by the summer time.i am looking to lose about 1% a month so would it be realistic to assume that if i keep a food log and find the magic calorie # then i should be able to reach this goal?my objective here is to be a healthier athlete and i figured that it would be easier to jump higher and run faster with less body fat.my weight and sports training is in good order so i guess the next step will be to get this food log started.let me know if this plan of mine seems reasonable and if you can point me in the right direction for the food log info.thanx again and happy holidays,RUSS