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methoxy 7 and t2 pro after 4 weeks

Hi, Russ. Life is about experimenting. This particular experiment didn’t work out for you quite as well as you would have hoped. The results you got are probably typical. I’ve used Methoxy since October, and I find it to be effective as advertised, “a partitioning, hardening agent” – sorry, but I can’t speak to T2 – however, I would never suggest to someone that it would help them lose weight.

I spent five years trying to figure out how to lose 30 pounds that somehow creeped up on me when I wasn’t looking. I started on a mad search for the magic bullet everyone talks about, that pill I could pop that would melt away the fat. No surprise, but I spent a lot of money and never achieved the results I was looking for. What HAS worked for me is John Berardi’s Don’t Diet diet, Joel Marion’s carb refeeds & low daily carb intake (50g per day), enough protein (1.5 g per pound of LBM), the correct use of cardio (no more than four 30-minute sessions), a workout that uses compound, multi-joint exercises like squats, deadlifts, chinups, bench presses, dips (in my case I use Joel Marion’s Ripped, Rugged & Dense).

But the singlemost important thing I’ve done to help me achieve my goals has been to keep a food log. If you’re a creature of habit, it’s actually not a big deal, nor is it time consuming (it takes me about 5 minutes a day because I have it on the computer in an Excel spreadsheet that runs the numbers for me).

So why is a food log/diary so darn important? Well, let me give you just one example. If you ate maintenance calories, made no changes to your diet, but started taking 1 serving of Grow per day (@ 300 calories per serving), you would gain 2.5 pounds per month. Remember a pound equals 3500 caloies and 300 calories above maintenance times 30 or 31 days equals 9,000 excess calories in a month’s time. A few other changes made without thinking, and I can easily see how someone would gain 8 pounds in a month.

Russ, losing weight, dropping body fat or putting on muscles all boils down to how badly you want it. Some people want it casually. Some people want it passionately, with great intensity and are willing to pay any price and make any sacrifice to get what they want. The bottom line is that if it ever really becomes important to you, there are great resources here on t-mag that will help you achieve your body composition goals and ensure you’re not spinning your wheels. And count on people like nephrom & company to give you a reality check when needed. (grin)