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methoxy 7 and t2 pro after 4 weeks

i appreciate the follow ups.just to clarify,i do change my exercise program every 4 weeks or so.as for eating,i am not strict on my diet and never have been.i have always been around the same body fat % within a few points or two without watching calorie intake or adhering to a set diet.i admire those of you that choose to do so based upon your goals or needs.
maybe i approached this body fat reduction the wrong way.i figured that i would continue to do as i always have and just change one thing ,the supplements,so that i could see the results were directly related to the change.i didnt realize that i had to go on a diet as well to use the methoxy 7 and t2pro.i just found it very odd that my weight and body fat went up when nothing else changed but my supplements.granted calorie intake was not an exact science on my part but i am confident that it was nothing out of the ordinary and not much different than what i have been eating for the past year or so.i do all the food shopping and cooking for the family so i am a creature of habit when it comes to what i buy and cook.
anyway,i think my approach to all of this was ass backwards.maybe a change in diet would have been a better first step to reduce bf%.i was looking for a supplement that would speed up teh process and that i why i purchased the methoxy 7 and t2pro.i did do some reading on the products and i was unaware that a change in diet was required to be effective.i use many of the biotest products and have been very pleased with them.when i started useing their “grow” products i didnt change my diet because i started useing grow.i noticed change that was positive by the use of the “grow” and once again i kept training and eating the same as usual.this type of thinking was used when i decided to try the methoxy 7 and t2pro.teh idea was to see the direct result of the change in supplements without varying another factor such as training frequency or intensity or diet.obviously,i have come up with a result that was inconsistent with the the t forum and that is what led me to post my message.thanx for the follow ups AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS,RUSS