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methoxy 7 and t2 pro after 4 weeks

Wait a frickin’ second. “I do not follow any set diet.” “I eat what I want when I want and don’t pay attention to dieting.” Well, there’s your culprit right there. First of all, stop using T2 and Methoxy7. Learn to keep a food log. Read some of John Berardi’s articles, or at least look at the T-dawg diet. Then, after you’ve figured all that out, you may begin to think about adding in supplements. They’re called “supplements” for a reason. They aren’t meant to take the place of proper training and diet. And probably, if you haven’t changed your workout in as long as it seems, you might need to switch that up too.

Btw, yes, I’ve used Methoxy7 (at double dose) and T2 and have had wonderful results. I also regulate what I eat fairly closely, and cheats are generally planned. And if I gain fat, I know it was me doing it, not the failure of a perceived magic bullet.

Sorry if I came down hard on you, but have you really ever read any articles at this site? You might want to. Start with the BodyBuilder’s Hierarchy of Needs article by Chris Shugart. Maybe that’ll explain the whole diet/supplement thing to you a bit better.