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Methoxy-7 and/or Carbolin 19?


OK, here is the question. To get a strong month of supplementation with Methoxy-7 or Carbolin 19, it probably takes two bottles. So, what is the best combination and why?

Two bottles of Carbolin 19?

Two bottles of Methoxy-7?

One bottle of Carbolin 19 and one bottle of Methoxy-7 without overlap?

One bottle of Carbolin 19 and one bottle of Methoxy-7 with overlap for a week or two??


I like using these products together,


Please elaborate. I'm anxiously awaiting replies to this thread also. I'm unsure of the differences between the two. I have had some pretty decent luck on Alpha Male and Carbolin 19. I'm coming to the end of my 12 weeks on the stuff. 3 bottles of Carbolin 19 and I'm thinking about HOT-ROX now, but have always been curious about the Methoxy. I can't seem to glean what I need to make it clear to me so I understand. Any help is appreciated.


Read the threads on each. Hit search. The individual characteristics of each product are well documented.

Yes, they work very well, maybe synergistically, together.


I've gone through much of the threads. What is hard to gather from them is how they work in combo with or without overlap. So, I figured it would be benificial for everyone here if we could bring all that information to one thread.

Your thoughts are appreciated.


Sometimes going through 480 pages worth of threads is a little time consuming...its easy to post a question and get the answer out of it.

Based on what i have heard I would just stick with Carbolin 19 and ditch the Methoxy-7... the Methoxy-7 didnt do anything for me that i could see.


I have read the threads and agree that sometimes these threads are a little long to browse thru. A while back someone on here recommended a product matrix be put forth so we all would know what works well...etc.. together.
I think this would be very handy. Sometimes telling someone to search is not really helping.

I had already stated I had searched and had not really found the info I was looking for. If the mods are reading this I would like to see a Powerifting forum choice and some of the supplement threads weeded out. Bitching over for now.


Methoxy-7 is one of my favorite supps as well. It works especially well stacked with Carbolin 19 or HOT-ROX.


Is your suggetion then taking both together completely overlaped for 2-3 weeks? (Assuming you buy 1 bottle of each)

What kind of results did you see? LBM? Strenght Gains?


Hey Brian,

What kind of dosing scheme have you employed with Methoxy-7? thx


I wouldn't use either product for less then 4 weeks, even if using them concurrently. With Carbolin 19, I would go with a minimum 8 week cycle, and preferrably 12 weeks to really SEE results. Benefits may be expedited when using them together (haven't tried it).


Four capsules twice per day.


I do recommend using them together.

Results include increased muscularity and decreased body fat. I also seem to recover more quickly from training.